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Women & Children First Booksellers' Top Books of 2020 & Holiday Updates!

Top Books of 2020
& Holiday Updates
Dear Friends of Women & Children First!

Books offer us comfort, growth, knowledge, and so much more. While 2020 has been a difficult year, books and the community that grows from them are what got us through! With that, we are excited to share a little extra love for our favorite books of 2020 in this annual round-up.

In these lists, we hope you discover new favorites or nod your head in passionate agreement with books that resonated with you, too.

We also have a few important holiday updates below, so read on!

We look forward to sharing more togetherness in the new year.

Until then, happy reading!

All our love,

In a year of hard decisions, we just made another one. In an effort to avoid disappointing customers who need their books in time for the Christmas holiday, we have decided to pivot and will take only phone orders (at 773-769-9299) of books already in the store from December 21st through the 24th. (During this block of four days, we will not take online orders.) Your books can be shipped to you, or you can choose contactless curbside pickup.

We hope that being able to speak with a bookseller who can tell you definitively, "Yes, we have that book on our shelves right now," will reduce the stress and uncertainty of shopping those final few days before Christmas. (And we're stocking up now so that the books on our shelves will be excellent gifts!)

If the weather cooperates, we also hope to offer one or two outdoor pop-up shops outside the bookstore next week. Stay tuned to social media for information, re: when/if we are able to make them happen!
Women & Children First is now live on

Our first online-only holiday season has brought with it an avalanche of support, surprises … and stress dreams! Your generosity continues to be astounding, but the reality is we just can't keep up! So, it's official: Women & Children First now has a store on Bookshop! is an online bookstore with a mission to financially support local, independent bookstores. When you shop W&CF's Bookshop storefront, we get 30% of each sale. But, don't worry, you can (and should!) still shop, we love it when you do, because we get all the profit from those sales!

But supporting us through an order placed on may be the best thing to do if: 
  • You are shopping overnight when our online store is closed, or
  • You can't find what you're looking for on our site! 
Gift Cards, Gift Receipts & Gift Wrapping

Wow! Y'all LOVE our gift cards---thank you! Just a reminder that we're a small team, and processing these orders isn't automatic or instantaneous like it might be at a big box store. It takes us about 48 hours (at least) to process your gift card! For a faster turnaround you can also purchase gift cards through and support indie bookstores across the county!

Also, here are 12 reasons why subscriptions to our audiobook partner make awesome presents!

We are getting a lot of questions about gift receipts. Unfortunately, we can't provide those for online orders. But, rest assured, we will be happy to exchange unwanted gifts that are in good condition once our doors reopen in 2021.

We're gift wrapping like wild right now, but sometimes the circumstances of your order don't allow for wrapping! We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and appreciate your patience with us during this holiday season.
Top Books of 2020
Now, onto the main event! Women & Children First booksellers' favorite books of 2020! Follow along on Instagram and Facebook to see all of our staffers' recommendations of the year and how and why these titles were selected.
Most of these books are on our shelves now!
Looking for last- minute gifts? Check out our gift bundles!
With our doors closed, we know many of you are missing our booksellers' recommendations! And we miss helping you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. So, we put together a few gift bundles to help simplify your gifting season!

Farewell to 2020!

We'll be closed on New Year's Day to spend time reflecting on 2020 and looking toward the year ahead. It's been a tough one, but we learned a lot. We processed more than 30,000 online orders; hosted nearly 60 virtual events (almost all of which you can view on our
YouTube Channel!); donated thousands of books to Chicago Books to Women in Prison and Liberation Library; raised thousands of dollars for mission-aligned organizations, like Minnesota Freedom Fund, Fair Fight Action, Black and Pink Chicago, and Ujimaa Street Medics. We also did a lot of internal work--confronting the tension between our mission as a feminist space and the daily reality of being a retail business within capitalism and white supremacy. What we're trying to say is that we are doing the work on top of the work and still fumbling toward what all of that means.
Thank you for being a part of this feminist project with all of its messiness and possibility. We couldn't do any of this without you.

See you in 2021!


Contactless curbside pickup:
11 A.M. TO 5 P.M.
seven days a week
behind the bookstore

5233 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60640

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PassionPlacement.Com Recruitment Platform Taps Into The Growing Demand for Purpose-Driven Employment

  Addressing the growing demand for purpose-driven employment, Co-Founders Bonnie Brown and Paul Turcotte have launched, a career matchmaking platform placing mission-aligned hires for companies that make a difference for people, the planet and animals.  
“Passion Placement grew out of my frustration as a financial professional looking to apply my own career skills to helping animals and improving life on the planet, only to find myself jumping from one site to another, back and forth, thinking there has got to be a better way,” said Co-Founder Bonnie Brown. 
“I wanted to help mission-driven people use their skill set for companies making a positive impact.  We now offer recruiting, job posting, and consulting for both companies and candidates so we can all use our talents together to create a better world.” 

And the marketplace is responding.  WeSpire noted in a recent study that Gen Z is the “first generation to prioritize purpose over money. Called the ‘Change Generation’ due to passion and desire to make a difference through work, [Gen Z] needs to see [a] connection between what they are doing and [a] broader social impact. An empowering work culture is two-times more important than higher salary for retention [for this growing demographic.]”

According to Bonnie, “Those later in life are also looking at leaving a current position to begin living their purpose.”

The Covid Clarity: Do What Is Meaningful or What’s The Point?

In addition, the stress of Covid and the dire environmental circumstances around the globe are forcing many to pivot in how they spend their 9-to-5.  Candidates are focusing on what is important to them for the future, including their health, how their food is sourced and putting an end to animal agriculture, a leading contributor to climate change.  Covid, coupled with people’s desire to find hope in 2021, has crystalized a ‘New Year, New Career’ for many. 
“I'm looking to switch to a more mission-aligned job because our future depends on it. I want to do everything I can to make this world a safer, more equitable place, both in my personal life, as well as my professional life,” said MK (anonymous) when asked about finding a job during Covid.  Bonnie confirms that this sentiment is increasingly common. 
Curtis agrees. "We are living through a very chaotic time where I don’t feel in control of many things. Believing in the mission or purpose of a company makes me feel my job will be important and that I can make difference even on a small scale."

A Brave New World

Employees aren’t the only ones who benefit from’s services. “At abillion we get really excited about folks that are mission driven like us. Having that passion is like rocket fuel. It means you get through problems faster, find solutions faster, love your team more and it’s easier to form a bond and trust between the individual and the company,” shared abillion app Founder, Vikas Garg.  
Founder of dairy-free Revolution Gelato, Jared Olkin agrees. "Values alignment in the Revolution Gelato team and our partners is simply a must-have. I've found that when we work with people who really believe in what we are doing and why, it shows -- not only are they the most dedicated, but also we can trust them implicitly to represent the brand."

ABOUT PASSIONPLACEMENT.COM is a career matchmaking platform offering recruiting, job posting, and consulting for both purpose driven companies and candidates. 

Spanning all types of positions and industries from the intern to the CEO, from the volunteer to the board member, aligns people with organizations which share the mission of taking animals out of the supply chain for the benefit of the planet, health and animals. @PassionPlacement



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