Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pop-Up Magazine Announces Partial Lineup for National Fall Tour(Various USA cities)

Today, Pop-Up Magazine, the nationally renowned “live magazine,” announced a partial lineup of its national fall tour, which is making stops in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, and for the first time ever, Boston. Tickets go on sale today at noon, local time, at Pop-Up Magazine is a live magazine, created for a stage, a screen, and a live audience. It’s been called “A sensation” by the New York Times, “A huge hit” by the San Francisco Chronicle, “Beautiful” by the Los Angeles Times, and “Highbrow/Brilliant” by New York magazine.
We work with Oscar-winning filmmakers, New York Times bestselling authors, popular radio and podcast voices, and artists whose work appears in major international museums and magazines, as well as emerging talent. They tell vivid, multimedia stories, accompanied by illustration, animation, photography, even shadow theater, and often an original score, performed onstage by our musical collaborators Magik*Magik Orchestra. We end the night gathered around the bar, performers and audience together. Performances are one night only and nothing goes online after—you have to be there to see them. In addition to performing at landmark theaters across the country, Pop-Up Magazine has guest edited a session at the TED Conference and collaborated on live shows with ESPN and Beck.
The fall tour will perform at 7:30 p.m. in Los Angeles on 11/3 at the Theatre at Ace Hotel, on 11/9 at Nourse Theater in San Francisco, on 11/10 at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, on 11/12 at Harris Theater in Chicago, on 11/15 at Wilbur Theatre in Boston, and on 11/17 at Kings Theatre in Brooklyn.
Proud sponsors of the event so far include MAILCHIMP, SHINOLA, and TOYOTA PRIUS, and media sponsors WBEZ, WNYC, WBUR, and THIRD COAST FESTIVAL. 

The show includes performances, collaborations, and other surprises from: 

JESSICA HOPPER (SF, OAK, CHI, BOS, NYC) Editorial Director for Music, MTV
IRA GLASS (NYC) Host, This American Life

York Times bestselling author and Knobler Fellow, The Nation Institute
MALLORY ORTBERG (SF, OAK) New York Times bestselling author, co-founder of The Toast, and Slate's “Dear Prudence”
JOSHUAH BEARMAN (LA, SF, OAK, NYC) Writer (Rolling Stone, Harper's, the Wired story that became Argo) and co-founder of Epic Magazine
TINA ANTOLINI (SF, OAK, CHI, BOS, NYC) Peabody and Edward R. Murrow award-winning radio producer and host of Gravy STEPHANIE FOO (LA, CHI, BOS, NYC) Producer,ThisAmericanLife LAM THUY VO (LA, SF, OAK, BOS, NYC) Visual journalist, coder, and fellow at BuzzFeed’s Open Lab

BEN & RHONDA PARTAIN (LA, SF, OAK, CHI, BOS, NYC) Essayists JOSH KUN (LA) 2016 MacArthur Fellow, author and music critic
GWEN MACSAI (CHI) Host, Third Coast International Audio Festival’s Re:sound
JAMIE MELTZER (LA, SF, BOS, NYC) Documentary filmmaker JORDAN KISNER (LA, SF, OAK, CHI, BOS, NYC) Writer for the
Guardian, N+1, New York magazine; 2016 Pushcart Prize and 2016 Best American Essays
BRITT JULIOUS (CHI) Music columnist, The Chicago Tribune, writer for Vice, Esquire, the Guardian
ALEX KOTLOWITZ (CHI) New York Times bestselling author, film producer (The Interrupters), contributor to The New York Times Magazine and This American Life
AMANDA CHICAGO LEWIS (SF, OAK) National Reporter, BuzzFeed News

Culture writer at MTV News and co-host of

MTV’s Speed Dial
TIM HUSSIN (LA, CHI, BOS, NYC) Documentary filmmaker With new and original music from MAGIK*MAGIK ORCHESTRA

And more!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Lucie Awards - 2016 Official Lucie Week Events!


Chicago Cubs on a winning sterak.Let's forgive the goat!

Bizarre coincidence? The totem pole on Lake Shore Drive has been under scaffolding for several weeks.Now the Cubs have been on a winning streak.Articles have stated that the totem pole is not supposed to be facing down Addison Street and should be facing the lake. Give the poor goat a break.Perhaps it was the totem pole all along,LOL! 
Here is one of my file photos of the totem pole at Lake Shore and Addison:
I found this story online:

The Dinner Party with Elysabeth Alfano>> Julian Lennon


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Free Lobster Tater Tots at Ironside Bar & Galley during new lunch service starting Thursday (Chicago,IL)

Ironside lunch service starts at 11am Thursday, October 13; Ironside brunch service starts Saturday, October 15 2016