Tuesday, November 17, 2020

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Dr. Sylvia Earle and Liz Taylor with Amos on their show DIVE IN to discuss an ethical and non-invasive approach to photography and ecotourism.

Photographs of nature often excite people’s imaginations and elicit deep emotional responses. Many people have taken up the art of photography to share their local natural wonders and to support and amplify the need for conservation.

During our Sharktober series, many participants asked
  • How the professionals were able to catch such amazing images of sharks without causing them any harm or stress?
  • How do the photographers not impact their habitats or influence their behavior?
  • With sharks, is it right to chum the water and cause the sharks to appear in an excited state?

"DIVE IN brings back one of our most popular guests - Amos Nachoum - to answer these questions. As a big animal photographer and expedition leader, he is one of the few professionals with the years of experience who can address these concerns."

DIVE IN with Liz and Sylvia is a casual, free-flowing, and educational conversation and encourages ocean enthusiasts of all ages to join and if so inclined, participate via text or voice. Sylvia, Liz, and Amos will take questions via Q & A text and voice call-in from the attendees. Get your questions ready!

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