Friday, July 31, 2020

The Conservation Center >> July at The Center: Dive into Historic Treasures

July at The Center
We're diving into historic objects this month, both cultural and sentimental alike. First, lean into summer with a Chicago classic: a Vienna Beef sign from Maxwell Street. Then, read about the conservation of two horse and rider sculptures from China, a symbolic piece with an incredible recovery.  Next, take a peek inside a family recipe book and learn about the treatment of a precious heirloom.  Finally, scroll down for a video of the beginning of the treatment of a Buddhist temple!

A Maxwell Street Polish, Keeping Chicago History Alive

We were honored when the Maxwell Street Foundation brought in a treasure from a bygone era: a hand-painted Vienna Beef pressboard sign.

Terracotta Warriors Ride Again

Horses have a special place in Chinese history.  When a set of  horses and riders arrived at The Center, we knew we were working with something special.

Preserving a Family Recipe Book

Sometimes the most special projects are the ones focused on family heirlooms. A recipe book we recently had the honor of treating is the perfect example: deeply sentimental, an homage to past generations’ day-to-day lives, and in need of preservation for future generations’ continued enjoyment.
Watch our talented conservators work on a new project: conserving a Buddhist temple. Stay tuned next month for more details on this project!

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