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Elysabeth Alfano >> Oprah, Ellen, Greta & The Queen: Women Lead The Way on Climate Crisis


CHICAGO/LOS ANGELES – From extensive interviews and the combing of statistics, Plant-based Food, News and Lifestyle Expert, Elysabeth Alfano, discusses the breaking headlines in the plant-based space over the last few weeks. 


1. Oprah Has Spoken: After talking with Suzy Cameron on SuperSoul Sunday and reading her book, The OMD Plan, Oprah urges 42-million of her followers to go plant-based for 1 meal day. Oprah summarized by restating, “You’re just saying start with the one meal … that is graspable. My mind can hold that, I can receive that, it’s a doable thing. I can turn that into a fun exercise. One meal a day.” 

2. Ellen and Greta: To huge fanfare, Greta Thunberg announced on The Ellen Show the things she does for the environment: not making unnecessary purchases, limiting airplane travel and going vegan. 

3. Royal Faux:  Queen Elizabeth II says that she will no longer wear fur due to changing public sentiment. According to her stylist, she will only wear faux-fur from now on; an action befitting a queen.

4. To Give Is To ReceiveBillionaire John Paul DeJoria inspired millions of followers of the Awesome Vegans with Elysabeth Alfano Podcast and Video Series by explaining the Billionaire’s Giving Pledge. "For a life-affirming lift, this is a must watch," states podcast host Elysabeth Alfano.

5. What? Bi-Partisanship? Democrats and Republicans finally come together on of animals. House and Senate pass a bill to make animal cruelty a federal crime. It is now on President Trump’s desk. 

6. Meat No More: Dutch Meat Company Vion repurposes pig slaughterhouse, which killed 10,000 pigs daily, as a plant-based meat factory and innovation lab. 

7. Moo Over: California’s oldest dairy farm halts milk production to grow almonds, claiming milk is a dying industry. 

8. Evil With a Side of No ShameMeat industry sues California for caring about animals claiming it overreaches into their business.

9. May-Day!: 14 mayors, including the mayors of Tokyo, Seoul, London and Paris, take the Good Food Cities pledge to cut meat consumption and food waste. 

10. Journal This: Former Senior Director of the National Security Council and Energy Adviser to President Obama and Professor of Professional Practice in International and Public Affairs and the Founding Director of the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University, Jason Bordoff states in the Wall Street Journal that, “To combat climate change, we can’t ignore agriculture.”     

11. BonusMicrobes?: On the Awesome Vegans with Elysabeth Alfano Podcast and Video Series, Thomas Jonas, CEO of Sustainable Bioproducts, is working on growing microbes, neither plant nor animal, claiming it can grow as much meat as a cow in a matter of hours.  
Elysabeth is available for interviews to discuss plant-based foods, recipes, consumer habits, growing business trends and the important plant-based voices and leaders that are forming the future of food.

Short bio: After completing an MBA and spending many years with Fortune 500 companies, Elysabeth turned to journalism. With 9 years in radio, TV, podcasting and print journalism, and winning awards for same, Elysabeth Alfano launched the Awesome Vegans Podcast and Video Series on WGN Radio. She is also a plant-based news, food and lifestyle expert on radio stations around the nation including iHeart Radio's The Fork Report, WGN Radio, Mancow in the Morning on WLS, The Mark Thompson Show on KGO and 870AM The Answer. She has a recurring segment on WCPT Radio entitled, Food and Politics, reports for the #JaneUnChained Digital News Network and contributes to NPR's KCRW (Los Angeles) as a plant-based reporter.

Elysabeth develops recipes for restaurants and food companies looking to enter the plant-based market.  She also coaches people and corporate employees on starting a plant-based lifestyle with classes and recipe meal plans. Elysabeth spices things up as The Silver-Chic Chef on her on-line cooking series and has done plant-based cooking demonstrations on WCIU-TV, Good Morning LALALand and WGN-TV.

She is a public speaker at food festivals and summits on the physical, mental, business, political and environmental benefits of a plant-based lifestyle.

Awesome Vegans Podcast and Video Series: Host Elysabeth Alfano interviews the nation’s most important plant-based influencers (doctors, entrepreneurs,  politicians, athletes, celebs, chefs, economists, environmentalists) who are forming the future, making the world better for people, the environment and animals.  Past guests: CEO of Beyond Meat, Ethan Brown, Nutrition Facts’ Dr. Greger, CEO of Lightlife and Field Roast, Dan Curtin, Chicago Bear's Pat O'Donnell, Billy Corgan, NBA Legend John Salley, Dr. Neal Barnard, Moby, IL Senator Linda Holmes and many more.

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Big News From Psychic Medium Matt Fraser!


Watch A Sneak Peak

E! is coming out with a new reality series following a young psychic medium called Meet the Frasers, PEOPLE can exclusively announce.
The series will follow Matt Fraser, a Rhode Island-born psychic medium, as he prepares for the release of his book, When Heaven Calls, while attempting to balance his hectic event schedule and relationship with 21-year-old pageant queen girlfriend Alexa Papigiotis.
And while Matt and Papigiotis support each other as their individual careers take off, the couple must also deal with the input of their overly involved families. From riding in a blinged-out SUV to live readings to wearing matching, bedazzled jackets, his family is there for him every step of the way.
“I work with my family every single day,” Matt, 28, says in a sneak peek at the new show.
And his family has no shortage of opinions — especially when it comes to Matt and his career.
“He is the top psychic medium in my book,” his mom says, while his sister notes that Matt “wears what he wants and says what he wants.”
The new series follows the success of Henry’s hit E! show Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, in which the 22-year-old psychic gives readings to some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.
Meet the Frasers premieres Jan. 13 at 10 p.m. ET on E!
To learn more about Matt Fraser or to attend a group reading near you, visit
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Chicago Humanities Festival >> Rising Out of Hatred with Eli Saslow (Chicago, IL)

Rally against racism



On Wednesday November 6, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Eli Saslow comes to CHF to discuss one of today's most pressing issues: the resurgence of mainstream white nationalism.

In his newest book, Rising Out of Hatred, Saslow recounts one man's evolution from white supremacist to antiracist activist, revealing the ways America can resist and undo white supremacy's harms.

Join us tomorrow for this important conversation with Saslow and The New Yorker's Andrew Marantz.



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Chicago Ideas >> Does Chicago Have a Poverty Problem? Explore the Facts, Take Action (Chicago, IL)


Fact: One in four children in Chicago live in poverty. 

While some communities in Chicago are experiencing unprecedented growth, others—sometimes just down the street—are being left behind, and the consequences can be harsh.

This month, we’re partnering with A Better Chicago to take a deeper look at the inequities affecting Chicago's residents and exploring ways that we can work together to create a city of opportunity for all.

Read on to explore the facts around this pressing issue, and join us on November 19 to unpack real solutions. 

Is poverty your problem? 


In partnership with A Better Chicago, we’re bringing together local practitioners for a panel discussion to better understand how they are using community empowerment solutions to eradicate poverty, and to explore ways you can apply these solutions to your own efforts.


In Chicago, two miles can take nearly 20 years off your life. How is that possible? 

Revisit this Chicago Ideas Week Conversation from 2018 to learn more about Chicago’s “death gap” and how where you live in the city can directly determine how long (and how well) you live.


One in four people with periods struggles to sustain steady access to period supplies. 


Learn more about how living in poverty can make handling everyday health needs more difficult, perpetuating a cycle of poverty in the process.



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