Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Chicago Ideas >> Does Chicago Have a Poverty Problem? Explore the Facts, Take Action (Chicago, IL)


Fact: One in four children in Chicago live in poverty. 

While some communities in Chicago are experiencing unprecedented growth, others—sometimes just down the street—are being left behind, and the consequences can be harsh.

This month, we’re partnering with A Better Chicago to take a deeper look at the inequities affecting Chicago's residents and exploring ways that we can work together to create a city of opportunity for all.

Read on to explore the facts around this pressing issue, and join us on November 19 to unpack real solutions. 

Is poverty your problem? 


In partnership with A Better Chicago, we’re bringing together local practitioners for a panel discussion to better understand how they are using community empowerment solutions to eradicate poverty, and to explore ways you can apply these solutions to your own efforts.


In Chicago, two miles can take nearly 20 years off your life. How is that possible? 

Revisit this Chicago Ideas Week Conversation from 2018 to learn more about Chicago’s “death gap” and how where you live in the city can directly determine how long (and how well) you live.


One in four people with periods struggles to sustain steady access to period supplies. 


Learn more about how living in poverty can make handling everyday health needs more difficult, perpetuating a cycle of poverty in the process.



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