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May at The Conservation Center: Spectral Liberation, Oak Park Public Library, and a Landscape to Brighten Your Day (Chicago, IL.)

This month, we're celebrating the approach of summer by sharing the fascinating story behind our collaborative repair of a large-scale public sculpture from the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden. Next, we'll explain how we carefully reframed an antique window from Oak Park Library that was on the verge of serious damage. Lastly, we'll feature the dramatic treatment results of a discolored landscape that The Center's Painting Department recently completed.

The Modular Cleaning Program
This month The Center hosted a course on The Modular Cleaning Program (MCP) taught by Chris Stavroudis. The MCP is a systematic approach to cleaning works of art using aqueous systems, solvents, solvent gels, emulsions, and silicone-based microemulsions. This course was an exciting opportunity to review the MCP, go over new research in conservation, and to collaborate with colleagues across various disciplines of conservation. Thank you to all who attended!
The Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation
The Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation is dedicated to fostering awareness, understanding, and research for early-onset Bipolar Disorder. In an effort to highlight the fact that many who battle Bipolar Disorder seek solace in artistic expression, the Foundation acquires and exhibits artwork by artists with Bipolar Disorder. The Center is honored to store and conserve the Foundation's collection. We also assist with coordinating the transportation and installation as the collection travels for various events and exhibitions.

The collection was recently featured in the
Chicago Tribune:
"Bipolar 'is not a death sentence': Art exhibit aims to reduce stigma"

An art exhibition featuring the work of more than 20 artists with Bipolar Disorder will be on display at Zolla/Lieberman Gallery on June 1 and 2.
The exhibition is free and open to the public. 

Spectral Liberation: Repairing a Large Public Sculpture

With many different departments working together here at The Conservation Center, we understand the value of teamwork. On certain occasions, this means working hand in hand with other companies and specialists to develop the correct treatment approach for a unique piece. When we received a call regarding a large public sculpture at the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden that had been struck by a car, we knew right away that engaging some of our trusted vendors to assist our team with the repairs may be necessary.

A Looking Glass to the Past:
Preserving a Window from Oak Park Public Library

The Conservation Center is proud to be a part of a vast community of individuals and institutions dedicated to conserving the past. We recently had the opportunity to work with such an institution, the Oak Park Public Library, to help conserve a part of their history.
As the skies clear up and bright summer days begin, we felt it was only fitting to feature a landscape that recently underwent a similar experience. When the painting first came to The Center, our conservators quickly noted that the varnish layer had discolored, and the piece would likely brighten significantly if the varnish was removed.



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About The Conservation Center 
The Conservation Center is the largest and most comprehensive private art conservation laboratory in the country. With 35 years of experience, The Center is a leader in the field of art preservation, evolving new treatments and methods to adapt to the rapidly-changing art world. We have cared for fine art from some of the country’s most prestigious private collections, museums, galleries, insurance companies, and corporations. 
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Tyson Innovation Lab launches ¡Yappah! brand to help fight food waste through a unique chef-driven lens

Tyson Innovation Lab launches ¡Yappah! brand to help fight food waste through a unique chef-driven lens

PROTEIN CRISPS, a chef-composed snack crafted from rescued ingredients, launches May 31 as brand’s debut product

Food, meet the future! Tyson Innovation Lab, the Tyson Foods, Inc. (NYSE: TSN) team tasked with bringing new consumer products to market in just six months, launches ¡Yappah!, its first brand. It debuts May 31st with a campaign on Indiegogo, a crowd-funding platform, and challenges consumers to re-think snacks for good. The brand name was inspired by a tradition in the South American Andes called “yapa,” which refers to the little something extra a merchant gives to a valued customer so that nothing gets wasted.

“The ¡Yappah! brand mission is unique, important and far-reaching,” said Rizal Hamdallah, Head of Tyson Innovation Lab. “The brand was created to inspire people and partners to rethink their relationship to food and how it impacts society. Through this launch, we intend to address global food challenges such as food waste.”

Tyson Innovation Lab sought like-minded partners to Fight Food Waste  
Given the scale of the food waste problem, Tyson Innovation Lab sought partnerships with like-minded food companies. The first product under the ¡Yappah! brand, Protein Crisps, is crafted from rescued and upcycled vegetable and grain-based ingredients that might otherwise be left behind.

Tyson Foods provides upcycled chicken breast trim that is still full of flavor and protein and combines it with either rescued vegetable puree from juicing or rescued Molson Coors spent grain from beer brewing to create the line’s four flavors.

“We could not have developed the Protein Crisps without the enthusiastic collaboration of partners like Molson Coors,” Hamdallah said. “We will continue to seek out other great partners, large and small, who have resources and goals that complement our own.”

"This collaboration is consistent with our sustainable brewing priorities to address waste,” said David Durkee, Senior Director of R&D and Innovation for Molson Coors. “There is great potential to upcycle our spent grains into amazing products and this is a key area of development for our innovation team."

The ¡Yappah! brand is designed to be an umbrella under which future products and product categories will be launched that help address major social and sustainability challenges related to food.

With the Protein Crisps we are taking ‘forgotten’ ingredients and crafting them into a delicious protein snack,” continues Hamdallah. “For the ¡Yappah! brand, sustainability is not an add-on, it’s our DNA. Fighting food waste is just the beginning.”

A snack crafted by a chef trained at a Michelin-Star restaurant
In January 2018 Tyson Innovation Lab was challenged to re-think the culinary possibilities for ingredients that are typically left unused during food production, often becoming food waste.

“We wanted to be ingredient-driven in order to create a flavorful snack that people would absolutely love,” said Chef Kang Kuan, Executive Chef at Tyson Innovation Lab.

Chef Kang is no stranger to innovation, having built his culinary career at such highly original and nationally acclaimed restaurants as the French Laundry and Morimoto.

“I was thrilled by the opportunity to source ‘forgotten’ ingredients and compose them into something more flavor nuanced and protein-filled than typical snack foods,” said Kang. “People might not realize that vegetable pulp left behind during juicing is arguably better and richer tasting than the juice itself, and spent grain is surprisingly delicious. So, we had these amazing flavors to work with. The result is a crispy snack that comes in four culinary-driven flavors that will appeal to all food lovers.”

The four flavors are:

From Rescued Veggie Puree
Chicken Carrot - Curry Flavored
Chicken Celery - Mojo Flavored

From Rescued Spent Grain
Chicken IPA White Cheddar
Chicken - Shandy Beer Flavored

The ¡Yappah! brand’s commitment to using rescued ingredients stems from a major food challenge
The team is passionate about the idea that rescuing ‘forgotten’ ingredients means using food to its full potential. The statistics behind the wasted food challenge are overwhelming. In the U.S. alone, nearly one-third of all food used in food production ends up as waste, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The average person wastes 3.5 pounds of food per week and uneaten food equates to Americans throwing out as much as $218 billion each year, most of which ends up rotting in landfills where it emits harmful greenhouse gases.

Go-to-Market Approach
Testing, evaluating and iterating is integral to the Tyson Innovation Lab approach. As such, Tyson Innovation Lab is launching ¡Yappah! Protein Crisps on the Indiegogo crowd-funding platform in May followed by a 90-day pilot at one Chicago-based supermarket in July.

“We think a chef-composed snack is a groundbreaking idea, but are cognizant that products fighting food waste are in their nascent stages,” said Santiago ProaƱo, Brand Lead, Tyson Innovation Lab. “Indiegogo is a great channel for testing since consumers on the platform are known for being early adopters of new to the world ideas and products. We want to connect directly with this enthusiastic community that cares about creating better food. Their reaction to the product, and their engagement with us, will help us get ready for what we hope will be a much broader rollout.”

About Tyson Innovation Lab
Tyson Innovation lab, formed in late 2017, is a specially-selected team charged with driving faster innovation, new growth and increasing speed to market for new products. In six months, the team must design a product that is market launch ready. This small yet agile and highly creative team is forging new paths as Tyson Foods strives to transform itself into a leading twenty-first century food company.

“Tyson Foods’ leadership team understands that to meet the global food challenges of today and tomorrow, the company has to make innovation, agility and outside-the-box thinking central to its DNA,” said Hamdallah. “Our mission at Tyson Innovation Lab is to spearhead the creative process and come up with solutions that will make a positive difference in the lives of the next generations. We have a startup mentality—we must be creative and resourceful enough to work speedily. We are employing some innovative methods to reach this high-speed goal.”

Tyson Innovation Lab’s framework uses a unique acceleration phase that enables the team to create and test a product in a six-month window.

The team uses approaches and tools that are not traditionally part of a CPG company such as design sprint in the ideation stage combined with empathy exercises and rapid prototyping.

Tyson Foods is a company that focuses on “AND” rather than “OR” scenarios. Often food companies make choices and decide between “speed or scale,” “innovation or incremental,” “inhouse creation or acquisition.” Tyson Innovation Lab’s creation is a result of taking a step back and looking at how things could be done differently.

“We refer to it as failing forward,” said Hamdallah. “We try new approaches, learn from our mistakes and keep rethinking how we can do things better.”

¡Yappah! Protein Crisps are chef-crafted from upcycled chicken, rescued spent grain or rescued vegetable puree.
Chef Kang Kuan, Executive Chef at Tyson Innovation Lab
¡Yappah! Protein Crisps' unique flavors were developed by Chef Kang and inspired by the upcycled ingredients used to make the product.
Yappah Protein Crisps will initially be offered in four flavors: Chicken Carrot - Curry Flavored; Chicken Celery - Mojo Flavored; Chicken IPA White Cheddar; and Chicken - Shandy Beer Flavored.
Tyson Innovation Lab wants to connect directly with the enthusiastic community of early adopters who care about creating better food.
The Tyson Innovation Lab team, headed by Rizal Hamdallah (left front).

Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events >> DCASE News & Events - June 2018

Chicago Deaprtment of Cultural Affairs & Special Events news & events  
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JUNE 2018

Featured Events
Chicago Gospel Music Festival

Alexis Rockman_ The Great Lakes Cycle _Alexis Rockman _American_ b. 1962_. Cascade_ 2015. Oil and alkyd on wood panel. 72 x 144 inches. Commissioned by Grand Rapids Art Museum with funds provided by Peter Wege_ Jim and Mary Nelson_ John and Muriel Halick_ Mary B. Loupee_ and Karl and Patricia Betz. Grand Rapids Art Museum_ 2015.19_
June 1 & 2
Chicago Cultural Center, Millennium Park
June 8-10
Millennium Park
Enjoy consecutive weekends of Chicago's great music legacy on stage in Millennium Park! Admission to both is FREE! Full schedules and more information at and
June 2- October 1
Chicago Cultural Center
The free admission exhibition is a multi-faceted project that explores the past, present and future of North America's Great Lakes - one of the world's most emblematic and ecologically significant ecosystems. For more information, visit
June Events
Chicago City MarketsUniversity of Chicago First Friday Lecture Series10_000 Kisses
Chicago City Markets
Through October
Various Locations

Presented by
Country Financial
Chicago Cultural Center
June 1-30
Chicago Cultural Center
Lurie Garden Plant SaleMillennium Park WorkoutsMaxwell Street Market
Millennium Park, Lurie Garden   
Millennium Park Workouts
Tues., Thurs. & Sat.
June 2 - September 1
Millennium Park
Maxwell Street Market
June 3, 10, 17 & 24  
800 S. Desplaines St. 

Presented by
Country Financial 
Chamber MondaysChicago Blues Festival Preview featuring Sharon LewisChicago Blues Festival_ Bridges To The Blues Showcase _Kenny _Beedy Eyes_ Smith pictured_
June 4 & 25 
Chicago Cultural Center
June 4 
Daley Plaza, 50 W. Washington St.
Chicago Cultural Center
Millennium Park Summer Film SeriesDame Myra Hess ConcertsInternational Screenings Program_ REEL MUSIC _Liza_ The Fox-Fairy pictured_
Millennium Park Summer Film Series  
Tuesdays, June 5, 12, 19 & 26
Millennium Park
Chicago Cultural Center 
Chicago Cultural Center 
Stomping Grounds_Chicago Cultural Center Tour for visitors who are blind or have low visionRaptors_
Millennium Park
Chicago Cultural Center
June 12
Millennium Park, Lurie Garden
Grant Park Music FestivalChicago Immigrant StoriesMillennium Park Summer Music Series _Jos_ James pictured_
Grant Park Music Festival
June 13, 15, 16, 20, 22, 23, 27, 29 & 30
Millennium Park
Millennium Park
Millennium Park Music Series
June 18, 21 & 28  
Millennium Park
WTTW Saturday Film Series_ Coming Out A 50 Year HistoryArt In the GardenSunday Science_ Inside a Flower
Chicago Cultural Center
Art In The Garden
June 24 
Millennium Park, Lurie Garden
Millennium Park, Lurie Garden
Family Fun FestivalWildlifeChicago SummerDance
Family Fun Festival
Weekdays, June 25 -August 10
Millennium Park
June 26
Millennium Park, Lurie Garden
Chicago SummerDance
June 28, 29 & 30
Grant Park, Spirit of Music Garden
Gardener_s Plant WalkCleveland Dean_ Recto_Verso _ Duality of a Fragile Egode-skinned_ duk ju l kim recent work
Millennium Park, Lurie Garden
Chicago Cultural Center
Chicago Cultural Center
Xavier Toubes_ Descriptions Without a Place. PushMoon4Scott Stack_ Interior and ExteriorKeith Haring_ The Chicago Mural  _Photo by_ Marcelino Y. Fahd_
Through July 29
Chicago Cultural Center
Chicago Cultural Center
Keith Haring: The Chicago Mural
Through September 23
Chicago Cultural Center
Bronzeville Echoes_ Faces and Places of Chicago_s African American MusicStand Up for Landmarks_ Protests_ Posters _ Pictures
Chicago Cultural Center
City Gallery on the Historic Water Tower

Featured News
George Clinton
Taste of Chicago Concert Tickets Are On Sale Now
Taste of Chicago, the world's largest free food festival, features delicious eats from over 70 restaurants and food vendor. Come for the food, but stay for then celebrity chefs, cooking demonstrations, dance performances, family fun and concerts by Brandi Carlile, Juanes, yasiin bey & Talib Kweli are Black Star, The Flaming Lips and George Clinton. Concert seating tickets start at just $18 and are on sale now at
Taste Oasis
Get Your Taste Oasis Day Passes
The Taste of Chicago will feature a new Taste Oasis, an air conditioned lounge in Butler Field offering tasty bites, cold water, a private bar, executive washrooms, music and more. Taste Oasis will be open throughout normal Taste of Chicago festival hours, but it's a particularly great spot to hang out before and after the Petrillo Music Shell Concerts. Day passes for this exclusive area are $50 and are on sale now at
Free, Free, Free!
Stars of Tomorrow 2018: Intonation's Youth Arts Fest
Intonation Music
Saturday, June 2, 11am-6pm
Kennicott Park, 4434 S. Lake Park Ave.
Bring a blanket, a picnic and settle in for this all-day FREE community arts extravaganza taking place at Kennicott Park in Chicago's beautiful Kenwood neighborhood. The fest will also feature a community dance party, and hands-on activities such as a Musical Petting Zoo, Face Painting, a photo booth, guitar raffle and delicious food for purchase. With over 200 students performing, this will be the youth arts event of the year!  

Intonation Music is a Chicago Park District Arts Partner in Residence, and Stars of Tomorrow is presented in partnership with Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Night Out in the Parks.
Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for information on upcoming festivals, events and opportunities.
City Seal_ City of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel
DCASE_ Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs _ Special Events
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