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New Book Profiles 18 Preeminent Conflict Photographers, Displays Their Resolve to Document Historyand the Grave Dangers endured.

Shooting War by University of. Toronto Professor Anthony Feinstein, with Foreword by Sir Harold Evans
(November 2018, Glitterati Editions)

You are in the Bosnian town of Bijeljina. You photograph paramilitaries as they interrogate a young Albanian prisoner. Outside, the Serbs shoot a middle-aged woman pleading for her husband, then gun down another woman. “No photographs!” the soldiers yell, as the body of the prisoner, hurled from a mosque, lands at your feet.

Your own life at risk, do you put down the camera?

In the book Shooting War, (Glitterati Editions, November 2018) University of Toronto psychiatry professor Anthony Feinstein opens a new line of investigation into conflict by recounting the stories of the photojournalists who put their own lives in peril to document history as it unfolds.

Through a series of essays, each focusing on one of 18 of the world’s preeminent conflict photographers, Shooting War answers questions that have never been more relevant in a world of fragile journalistic safety and compromised integrity. Questions such as:
  • What of the person taking the photograph? How are they affected physically and emotionally by their work in the world’s most dangerous places?
  • What are “moral injury” and “moral luck” and how have these affected the lives of conflict photographers?
  • What lies at the root of their drive to bear witness and document events regardless of the personal price?

Complementing each essay is a single, iconic photograph around which the text is built. Derived from face-to-face interviews with the photojournalists, relatives, and close friends, the essays give new and revealing insights into those factors, professional and psychological, that motivate photographers to enter zones of conflict repeatedly and the consequences that come from exposure to grave danger:
  • SebastiĆ£o Selgado’s work photographing the migrations of Rwandan refugees fearing for their lives in Tanzania, Rwanda, and the Congo left him so physically and emotionally drained he had to take a break from photography.
  • The legendary Don McCullin was beaten by Idi Amin’s thugs, gassed in Northern Ireland, wounded by a shell in Cambodia, assaulted on the streets of Beirut, was under fire in Vietnam, an AK-47 bullet meant for him stopped by his camera
  • Tim Hetherington was killed in Libya, Chim Seymour in Egypt.
  • Carol Guzy’s experiences in conflict zones led her to seek counseling and help from a psychiatric day hospital.
  • Timothy Page’s work in Vietnam came with shrapnel in the brain and three cardiac arrests.

While the text lays bare the traumas endured, the images speak to the resilience and creativity of the photographer in shaping our understanding of war and conflict. Together, they remind us of the vital role photographs play both in building awareness and serving justice.

As Sir Harold Evans says in his foreword, “Feinstein’s sensitive discussions with the photographers are profound, moving, and humbling…. [T]he eighteen photojournalists portrayed here, those who have preceded them, and those who will follow, deserve the full measure of our respect, gratitude, and admiration.”

Anthony Feinstein, Ph.D., is a neuropsychiatrist and professor of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto. He has authored a series of seminal studies exploring the psychological effects of conflict on journalists covering the Balkans, Iraq, Syria, Kenya, Iran and the refugee crisis in Europe. He is the author of Journalists Under Fire: the Psychological Hazards of Covering War (John Hopkins University Press, 2006) and Battle Scarred (Tafelberg Press, 2011). In 2000-2001 Feinstein was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship to study mental health issues in post-apartheid Namibia. In 2012, he produced a documentary, “Under Fire”, based on his research of journalists in war zones. It was shortlisted for an Academy Award and won a 2012 Peabody Award. His Globe and Mail newspaper series bearing the same name as his new book, also titled Shooting War, was shortlisted for a 2016 EPPY award.

Title: Shooting War
Author: Anthony Feinstein
Print: $50.00
Publisher: Glitterati Editions
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1943876576
ISBN-13: 978-1943876570

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