Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Vegan's Choice Motorcycle Club, Switch4Good, WGN Radio, Live Cooking Demos and YES! on Prop 12!



Public Speaking, Cooking Demos & Reporting for WGN Radio & #JaneUnChained

Oh, September was a busy month! From moderating panels at the Switch4Good conference, to live cooking demos at  DC VegFest to now contributing on the FB Live Channel #JaneUnChained...yowza! And more things are already underway for October. To stay updated on all, visit my new website  ElysabethAlfano.com and remember that when shopping on Amazon, please go to my website and click on Amazon from there. It really helps the podcast and it is the same for you!  Happy Fall everyone and see all the good news below!
So what does it mean to be a manly man?  And can you be a tough guy and a vegan?  You bet your...badass!  Listen in to this great episode from these six dudes who come together from across the United States and Canada to meet with me, eat with me and ride with me! These men are extraordinary examples of what it means to be strong: standing up for the vulnerable...and looking pretty awesome while doing it!  

To listen and watch the full interview, click here. To check out more great podcasts, such as the one with Jasmin Singer, Editor of VegNews, click here.  
OK, CALIFORNIA - time to vote YES on Prop 12!  Josh Balk of the Humane Society of the United States joins me in my backyard to discuss Prop 12, how you can be empowered three times a day, and the one and only thing that both Republicans and Democrats agree on: being kind to animals!!  Listen in to episode 10!! Click here.

Voting yes on Prop 12 means there would be new minimum requirements on farmers to provide more space for egg-laying hens, breeding pigs, and calves raised for veal. California businesses would be banned from selling eggs or uncooked pork or veal that came from animals housed in ways that did not meet these requirements.  


It was an honor to moderate several panels at the Switch4Good conference in which respected athletes and doctors explained the benefits of ditching dairy.  From a panel featuring ultra athlete Rich Roll, race car driver Leilani Munter and bodybuilder Luke Tan to a panel with Dr. Vivian Chen of Plateful Health and Dr. Milton Mills it was an exciting and educational two days!

To join me and one of my upcoming speaking engagement and cooking demos, click here!

Photo credit: Alexandra Foley, Switch4Good
If there is one interview to listen to, this is it.  Upton's Naturals, headed up by founder Daniel Staackmann and VP Nicole Sopko, is one of the original players in the plant-based food arena. Dan and Nicole were the first to bring young jackfruit to the market and their seitan is legendary. They now have a line of vegan meal kits available at Whole Foods nationwide.  Almost as important as their food lines is their restaurant Upton's Breakroom and their lobbying work with the Plantbased Food Association. Like I said, listen in folks, listen in! 
Although Hurricane Florence tragically disrupted DC VegFest, it was wonderful to do my cooking demo live with the wonderful people of Compassion Over Kiling.  Listen to this episode with Chef Jessica Carter, COK's resident chef!  

And remember to check out ElysabethAlfano.com...and enjoy!  

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