Thursday, July 05, 2018

Natl. Mac & Cheese Day (July 14): Go Nuts for Creamy Cheddar Mac & Cheese Donuts

 National Mac & Cheese Day (July 14) is just around the corner!  Here are five mac and cheese related recipes that every cheese lover can make to celebrate the holiday.

Three Bridges [] —a chef-crafted pasta, sauce, and meal brand that makes clean eating easy — have put together 5 delicious and unique recipes that are simply too gouda to resist.

#1 Creamy Cheddar Mac & Cheese Donuts
If donuts make you go nuts, this is the dish for you. Breaking the mold, these donuts trade in the sweet for the savory, but don't be fooled—they're just as addicting.

#2 Creamy Cheddar Superfood Pesto Mac & Cheese Casserole
If you aren't looking to reinvent the wheel, but want to give your mac a little extra pep, a healthy twist of kale and spinach pesto sauce ought to do the trick.

#3 Mac & Cheese Pizza
When pizza is life, you bring the party to the pizza. What better is there for pepperoni, mushrooms, or your preferred toppings than a mac and cheese mattress?

#4 Roasted Vegetable Succotash Creamy Cheddar Mac & Cheese Casserole

It might be National Mac & Cheese Day, but it's also beach season. For those looking to keep their cheating to a minimum, this recipe will keep your mind at ease.
#5 Buffalo Chicken Creamy Cheddar Mac & Cheese Casserole
What is macaroni without the cheese? Like its subject, this holiday should be about great companionship, and this dish is the perfect reason to bring friends together.

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