Monday, June 04, 2018 to Launch Crowdinvesting Campaign June 25th

Company set to release alpha version of Internet film and video platform executives announced today the online video streaming platform will launch a StartEngine crowdfunding campaign and release the alpha version of the Bond Film Platform on Monday, June 25th.

" is a new economic model for the film and video industry based on the transparent blockchain economy," chief marketing officer Michael Caputo said. "Video creators monetize their content and profit together with their fans, who watch and invest in their content."

The decentralized video streaming service and crowdinvesting platform for the film and video industry is based on crowd-investing and decentralized ownership enabled by Smart Contracts and its own cryptocurrency powered by the Ethereum blockchain. According to Bond founders, their model will change the way Hollywood works.

Bold new business models like Netflix, Amazon Prime and more have shifted the film and video industry paradigm. Today a wide gap still exists stifling creators who want to monetize their work more than YouTube can, but can't catch the attention of established platforms. Designed to fill that gap, is creator-focused: a pure market-based solution, a creator's profit is determined by popularity. Creators also retain more of the profits from their work.

Instead of letting a handful of Hollywood moguls guess what the market wants and fund only what they like, Bond allows the market to make those decisions. And instead of letting the big players get the streaming revenues, Bond splits them between content creators and crowdinvestors. A small piece of a users' subscription fees are paid to content authors they watch via de-centralized and transparent revenue distribution fueled by blockchain.

As an Academy Award nominee for his 2015 documentary film "Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom," founder Den Tolmor knows the difficulties of gaining investment. A former engineer, he saw the promise of blockchain and smart contracts to change all that. "At Bond, crowdinvesting is an organic part of our video streaming service," he said. "Our platform will allow Bond users who are enjoying original and high quality content to buy ownership stakes in work by their favorite creators."

During the crowdinvesting campaign, will also give the company's Bond Film Platform (BFP) crypto tokens as a bonus for every investment. StartEngine is based on a like-minded approach - funds for new businesses should come from the same people who will eventually reap its benefits: the public. StartEngine serves as a kickstarter for many startups and businesses in the United States.


Bond connects creators, audiences and investors on one global film and video platform - a new way for video creators to monetize their content and profit together with their audience. For more information about the Bond Film Platform please visit

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