Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Zenfolio photo hosting service now offering Copyright Protection service!

I just received an email from my photo web host, Zenfolio that they are offering, image search and Copyright protection services. The intro offer is $48 a year. After that, it doubles.
I've been with Zenfolio for 9 years and have not had any unannounced downtime and support, if needed, is excellent. 

As a comparison, I pay another service $26USD a month to monitor 100 of my 'most infringed' images. The new Zenfolio service is unlimited.
Locating and downsizing is a chore and seeing my images are already neatly tucked away on Zenfolio, this will make life a lot easier for me.
I look forward to this because it's been a real pain to downsize images for the other search services and then weed thru hundreds of blogs.

I am not clear if Zenfolio's legal partners are only in the USA or other countries and have sent them an email query.
Here is more info on their service.

If you'd like to make Zenfolio your photo web host, please consider using my link. I get $25 credited to my account and you get 10% off!

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