Thursday, May 10, 2018

A Fundraiser and Lyme Disease Awareness for BJ Murray May 16,2018

If you are wondering where the 'who's who' of Chicago will be on May 16, 2018, you might want to get your ticket to attend the "From Limelight to Lyme-Fight" at The Park West at 322 w. Armitage in Chicago.
Friends of BJ Murray put together an amazing night of entertainment, friendship, fun, education, and munchies. Several experts of Lyme disease will be speaking at 8pm. Tick-borne diseases, especially Lyme seem to be spreading. It's important to know all you can to try and prevent being bitten by a tick and to recognize the symptoms if you or someone you know may have been bitten.

BJ ran the VIP rooms at the Limelight and China Club in Chicago for many years and he personally greeted every visiting celebrity that came thru the doors. Believe me, there were many. Though he hasn't been to Chicago in many years, he hasn't lost his popularity. He was always kind and helpful to others.

BJ Murray was misdiagnosed until 2013 and it's been an uphill battle fighting Lyme disease. He believed he was bitten by a tick the year before in New Jersey but at the time thought it was a mosquito bite.

Friends have set up a gofundme page to help pay for his medical expenses. After years of searching, he found the Magaziner Center for Wellness, a specialized Lyme and lupus treatment center in New Jersey with the region’s most experienced physicians and experts. They have helped thousands with similar symptoms and it's his hope they will be able to help him.

This is one event you will not want to miss. If you can't make it, please donate what you can. Funds exceeding the amount will be donated to charities that are working with LYME related issues.
Below is the GoFundMe page.

To purchase tickets for this event at The Park West:

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