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C2E2 Comic Con Survival Guide (Chicago, IL.)

C2E2 Survival Guide
5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of This Weekend’s Comic Con
Chicagoans Assemble! C2E2, Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo is almost here and so is WWF’s CM Punk, the blue Mighty Morphin Power Ranger and – Ron Kittle of the Chicago White Sox? There's nothing geeky about that. Unless you ask a Cub fan.
You see? Its that easy to get distracted with all of the excitement that the comic con caravan wheels in. With that, its quite plausible to overlook some crucial prep that could result in your experience being the - Worst. Convention. Ever.
So please, keep these 5 tips in mind before putting on your Stormtrooper gear:
Bring Cash – While vendors accept credit cards you have a far better chance of bargaining for the best deal on that Jurassic Park: T-Rex tooth necklace you’ve had your heart set on if you choose paper over plastic. Don’t wait until you get to the convention center. Aside from paying double in cash machine fees, you could get stuck behind the guy dressed as Godzilla with the automated, lashing tail.
Have A Plan – That cash will burn a hole in your utility belt once you step onto the showroom floor as thousands of baubles vie for your attention. It can be overwhelming to the point of indecision and you end up leaving with nothing.  But now, you can go online to http://C2E2.com and peruse the exhibitors who will be in attendance and what wares they have to offer.  For comic book fans, download the free mobile app Key Collector Comics in the Apple App Store or Google Play, to know where your favorite heroes make their first appearances and start building your wish list right within the app.  Also, each comic listed includes price guidance to help you while you haggle. Visit http://keycollectorcomics.com to download the free app.
Screenshot from Key Collector Comics
Protect Your Stash – Okay, now you’ve picked up a couple valuable comics and got a great deal but then an announcement just alerted everyone that Ron Kittle is signing autographs.  All of the sudden there’s a mad rush and you’re being jostled about by the herd.  To keep your comics safe, you'll need a Stor-Folio by BCW that securely fits up to 15 comics.  You can buy one at the convention from a number of supply vendors. If you get tired of holding it, just kick it around as you walk. Don’t worry, your comics will be safe.
Stay Charged – Cosplayers rarely pull punches unless they’re engaged in make-believe battle but when it comes to their costumes, they go full power, so make sure you do too. Don’t go with just having your phone charged-up to one-hundred percent but also bring a portable charger and a cord.There will be thousands of fanboys and girls packed into McCormick Place this weekend meaning your cell will struggle harder for reception than the four guys in full Ghostbusters gear struggled to fit into their Uber. And a dead battery means sitting out on the social media spectacular of the year.
Stay Charged II – This time we’re talking about you. Convention centers are not known for convenient or cost-effective food and water options so bring your own.  Recharge throughout the day with a couple bags of trail mix or a few sticks of beef jerky.  Also, be certain to pack a water bottle because there’s nothing worse than being forced to choose between an $8 refreshment and that box of Alf trading cards that lured you to the convention in the first place. 

Nick Coglianese is an uncertified comic convention expert, a certified nerd and founder of Key Collector Comics Free Mobile App.  Key Collector Comics is a comprehensive resource of highly-sought after comics to help new and experienced collectors easily identify which issues are valuable and why.   Over 8,000 first appearances, deaths, iconic covers and many other milestone moments from the Golden Age of comics to today, comprise the database. For more information, visit the Key Collector Comics website at http://keycollectorcomics.com/

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