Sunday, November 05, 2017


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NextGen-centered Program Welcomes New Generation of “Talk Radio Participants” Starting November 5 on CRN

NextGen listeners will soon have a show of their own on CRN Digital Talk Radio.

“Utalk Radio” joins the national radio network on Sunday, November 5, at 11:00 p.m. Eastern/8:00 p.m. Pacific. The program will air on CRN 1.

“Utalk Radio” describes itself as “a safe place for young adults to talk about what’s on their hearts and minds; ask tough questions about real life stuff they’re struggling with, and get some answers.”

Steve Russo, Larissa Lam, and Kati Ann host the weekly program.

The show includes special features, celebrity interviews, pop culture discussions, and conversations about how people can make a difference in the world.

“‘Utalk Radio’ plays a very important role in today’s talk radio,” said CRN Digital Talk Radio President and CEO Michael J. Horn. “Steve, Larissa, and Kati provide a great program for younger audiences who have keen interests in current events but whose sensitivities may not necessarily respond to some of the more outspoken, politically-oriented shows.

“NextGen people posses a great potential to become talk radio participants,” Horn added. “They are active and vocal. ‘Utalk Radio’ skillfully caters to this demographic. CRN is proud and excited to welcome a new generation to talk radio.”

CRN Digital Talk Radio is an eight channel radio conglomerate producing and syndicating original programming to over 23 million homes nationwide through cable television providers and millions more on terrestrial radio, its mobile device app, several third party radio apps, the web, set-top boxes, and smart speakers.

CRN also airs programs from other talk radio companies such as Salem Radio Network, Westwood One Radio, Sports Byline, Radio America, Fox News Radio and several others.

CRN Digital Talk Radio syndicates the hottest talent in talk radio to multiple platforms.  Fans can listen to CRN hosts and programming on broadcast radio, satellite and cable systems around the country (including Cox Communications, Spectrum, Comcast Cable and others), on the Internet at, Tiki Live Video, Roku, Apple TV and on a variety of talk radio applications, including the CRN Digital Talk Radio app. To get CRN Digital Talk Radio on your Smartphone, download the free CRN Digital Talk Radio app: just dial “#250” on your Smartphone, press “Send,” and when your call is answered, say the keywords “CRN Talk.” The app will be text messaged and loaded to your phone. (Voice and data rates may apply.) 
Check show availability or listen online at 

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