Saturday, September 30, 2017

New Book! >> Addicted to Americana by Charles Phoenix!

I looked at the cover and I knew I was in for a great read before I opened the book. It was love at first sight! The amazing, colorful cover design by Kathy Kickert doesn’t stop there but leads you thru 176 pages of the fun, retro bold design that mesh perfectly with the images and author Charles Phoenix's stories in his  book,  'Addicted To Americana.’
This book is sure to be the ‘Baby Boomer’ bible and an encyclopedia of fun things they missed or a road map of what the younger generation should catch before some more of these great vintage places vanish.

Charles Phoenix, dubbed, 'The Ambassador of Americana' doesn’t just report on the great family fun venues and adventures but he lived them as a child posting some connectible stories and visited many others as an adult. The  'Americana' covered here are beautiful designed cars of the past, fun brightly colored neon signs, small roadside hotels, stores, vintage shopping malls, Route 66, fast food restaurants, Disneyland, airline travel in the past when it was actually fun to fly, the house of the future, collecting old Kodachrome slides, thrift shopping, the list goes on in this amazing visual blast from the past.

Phoenix now travels the country giving slide shows and discussions about his hobby turned life mission and I am sure his live storytelling events are just as fun as this book was to read and study these amazing photos.

The book is available in hardcover on and other retail outlets!

Check out the author’s website:

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