Thursday, August 10, 2017

Robert Conrad Enters the Wild Wild West World of Podcasting


Legendary Actor Brings New Podcast to CRN Digital Talk Radio’s PodPlus Channel

  Award-winning actor Robert Conrad is launching a podcast on CRN Digital Talk Radio’s new CRN PodPlus channel, the national radio network announced today.
Podcast episodes will feature Conrad interviewing an array of his Hollywood friends and other celebrities.

In addition to his podcasting duties, the former “Baa Baa Black Sheep” star hosts  “The Lounge with Robert Conrad” on CRN Digital Talk Radio’s CRN 1 channel every Thursday at 6 p.m. Eastern / 3 p.m. Pacific.

“The world of podcasting is sort of the wild, wild west. It’s fitting that the man who played Jim West has his own podcast,” said CRN Digital Talk Radio’s President and CEO, Michael J. Horn, referencing Conrad’s role and hit 1960s television series “The Wild Wild West.”

“Bob is naturally entertaining and a great interviewer. Hollywood enthusiasts will love his conversations with their favorite stars,” Horn added.

Robert Conrad has acted in dozens of movies and hundreds of television episodes. He is best known as the star of “The Wild, Wild West," “Baa Baa Black Sheep,” and "Hawaiian Eye." He has won a People’s Choice Award (Favorite Male Performer in a New TV Program) and been nominated for a Golden Globe.

CRN PodPlus (formerly known as CRN 7) is channel and stream dedicated to podcasts centering on entertainment, celebrities, food, wine, and politics.

CRN PodPlus’s programming is syndicated on multiple platforms including television, set top boxes, WiFi radio, mobile apps, iTunes, Stitcher, Apple TV, Roku, the Web, and many other blogs, sites and apps.

The channel’s podcasts also air to CRN’s cable television audio channel audience – which numbers more than 11 million homes across the country. A Roku channel and Apple TV radio stream also broadcast CRN PodPlus.

On the digital front, CRN PodPlus can be found on CRN’s mobile app, as well as several other radio apps such as Aha, Nobex Radio, oOTunes, TuneIn, and Wunder Radio. The channel is streamed on the Web via CRN Digital Talk Radio’s home page, The stream is also accessible via telephone line by dialing 605-477-4255.

CRN Digital Talk Radio syndicates the hottest talent in talk radio to multiple platforms.  Fans can listen to CRN hosts and programming on broadcast radio, satellite and cable systems around the country (including Cox Communications, Charter, Comcast Cable, Spectrum and others), on the Internet at, Tiki Live Video, Roku, Apple TV and on a variety of talk radio applications, including the CRN Digital Talk Radio app. To get CRN Digital Talk Radio on your Smartphone, download the free CRN Digital Talk Radio app: just dial “#250” on your Smartphone, press “Send,” and when your call is answered, say the keywords “CRN Talk.” The app will be text messaged and loaded to your phone. (Voice and data rates may apply.) 
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