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Radical Photojournalism Book on Cuba Wins Top Gold Award

The Radical Photojournalism Book on Cuba Wins 2017 Top Gold Award
‘Split Seconds Havana’
Black and white photographs capture the timelessness of Havana Poised on the cusp of transformation amidst the pre-normalization of Cuban/U.S. relations
Kogan Cover
Author of Split Seconds Havana,
Abe Kogan is an international entrepreneur – renowned for his direct participation in and management of companies hallmarking the late 1970’s amusement game explosion with ‘Space Invaders’ and many others.  He is a writer, photographer, FIA Historic Formula One Class A champion winning racing driver and film producer.

His latest film, Matra Racing/The Rebirth, directed by Christian Dixon is now on worldwide circulation.
Trailer at:
His new photojournalism book Split Seconds Havana is being followed by more photo books. He is looking at cities experiencing fundamental change. He has strong views on history repeating itself and stress points making civilizations evolve and change. He also sees that cities often take an unpredictable fork in the road, as history itself does.
Fascinated by time and change, he is on a mission to photo journalise a sequence of cities, each for their particular attributes within the nature of time and change. Split Seconds Havana, the first book in the series, soon to be followed by other ‘cities on the cusp’. Florence, Rangoon, Tashkent, Tbilisi, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Delhi, London, and Paris.
The books will become a valuable historic Collection in the same way Matra Racing/The Rebirth is recognized as an Epic collector’s film.
Abe Kogan’s Split Seconds Havana with the collection of black and white photography is the recipient of the 2017 Gold Medal Independent Publisher (IPPY) Book Awards.
Frozen in time since 1959 - as exemplified by its old American cars, lack of brand name storefronts, and legacy of tired buildings; Havana in the summer of 2015 was at a rare and stressful juncture. Kogan, in the capital mere days before the process of “normalization” began, explains his passion to create a record of a “before moment” to be supplemented by an “after moment.”
Fascinated by time, change, and the illusions and trickery of time and change, Kogan realized that Havana qualified as a point in time and space. Simultaneously, he recognized that the forces that imply transformation do not guarantee it, even though bets were on that Havana was set to change in a big way!
The photographs in Split Seconds Havana showcase people, places, and pastimes but devoid of powerful tropical flavors thanks to Kogan’s cancellation of color, landscapes, and seascapes. Taken during a snapshot of selective and thoughtful days in mid July 2015 they deliberately strip the capital city bare and reveal its inner-city urban pulse; what Kogan calls “the metronome of its Habaneros.”
In the narrative he comments, “Regardless of how much change is on the cards or how quickly it will manifest, Havana will reinvent itself. The shots presented here cut through the politics and the gossip of endless predictions spun by the international and local rumor mills. They portray a timeless face of Havana; one of the world’s majestic cities.”
“Outstanding new book.” ~ Fraction Magazine; New Book Showcase London Book Fair; Featured at BookExpo New York, May 2017; In addition individual reader reviews.
“Exceptional book, wonderful black and white shots of old Havana reflecting the spirit of the city and its people. Truly a book not to be missed, should be on any serious black and white Havana aficionado's coffee table....Mike G Michael, CEO, The Regent Grand, Grace Bay, Turks & Caicos.”
“I love this book. If you've never been to Havana, you will feel like you have after seeing it. It's real and it will take you there. The photos are true. Many of the subjects are looking straight at you, which I like. If you have a heart for Havana, you will enjoy it on your coffee table”. Jonny Lach, Banker New York.
Split Seconds Havana by Abe Kogan; Split Seconds Publishing; Nonfiction; Photojournalism/Photography; Hard Cover ISBN 978-0-997-97850-6 $85

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