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Book review>> "The Prophetic Imagery of Anthony Quinn" by Glenn Harte

 Looking to get serious on your summer reading?  I started my week with this new treasure,  "The Prophetic Imagery of Anthony Quinn" by Glenn Harte. I have an advance copy for review but the book will be released in August 2017. 
Many of us are familiar with Anthony Quinn, the legendary actor. I photographed Quinn and his then wife Yolanda years ago at the 'Home Alone' movie premiere. I never knew about his passion for painting and art or  that his paintings were prophetic. I wish I would have known as that would have been a fascinating interview. He had the intuitive ability to paint world events such as the attack of  9/11 decades before they occurred.  
The genius of his work goes deeper than that as described in this fascinating well researched recollection from author Glenn Harte. He has been an art collector, art historian and art dealer for more than 40 years, working with galleries around the world. He has been an agent for high profile Artist like award-winning actor Anthony Hopkins. After an artist Burt Young of Rocky fame, Tony Curtis and the estate of Red Skelton, and hundreds of other artists, establishing gallery relationships around the world including London, Israel, Walt Disney World, Las Vegas and more.
Harte has been instrumental in curating over 20 million worth of masterworks from around the world, and establishing documentation processes for the authentication and verification of a stroke or works by the masters including Rembrandt, Albrecht Dürer, Miro, Chagall, Picasso, Salvador Dali and more.
He brings insider knowledge about the artist and his craft to an interesting tribute that  is well written and doesn't feel like anything is missing.
This is the perfect book for people like me and those that love knowing true stories about celebrities,fine art and intuition.

I enjoyed reading this book and look forward to future books from the author.
 Info from the publisher:
Anthony Quinn was known for many things in the public eye: A two time Academy award winning actor, a writer, and a painter with immense talent. But there was another side to him that was less noun: being followed by visions and precognitive dreams, and a phenomenal ability to paint future events decades before they happened. The fascinating side to Quinn is being unpacked for the very first time in the new book, the prophetic imagery of Anthony Quinn: a study of surrealism and precognitive art, written by Glenn Harte, A renowned celebrity art expert an agent to the Anthony Quinn state. In the prophetic imagery of Anthony Quinn, Harte shares that, all throughout Quinn's adult life, he spoke about dreams and apparitions that followed him. Documented in depth and his personal writings, he would often paint those visions. Today, decades later there is strong evidence that they may have been precognitive visions that have since come true.
Among these works is a painting that depicts the events of September 11. It's as if Quinn took the headlines and images of the day and put them on canvas.

But how could this be? He died three months before the attack even occurred. Another is a portrait of a "ghost boy" he often said followed him around. Use later he had a son who grew up to have an almost identical resemblance to the painting.

The prophetic imagery of Anthony Quinn shows the genius of the artist as never before. Through Quincy own writings, readers will see him describe events that remained far in his future, and the paintings that he created which is very own hands.
"Quinn's  work demonstrates, as no other artist in history, that pre-cognitive abilities are real, "says Harte. " You May come to believe, as I have, the Anthony Quinn created some of the most remarkable paintings of all time."

About The Author
Harte has been the agent for the state of Anthony Quinn since 2003, when he was selected by his widow, Katherine  Quinn, to manage the sale of millions of dollars worth of art created throughout his lifetime. For more information, visit

The prophetic imagery of Anthony Quinn releases on August 2017 and will be available for order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and in select bookstores.

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