Thursday, June 01, 2017

June 2017 Space Watch

Space Watch: Providing a Vital Link to Global Space Issues
June 2017: Vol. 16, No. 6
Kevin Cook, Space Foundation Vice President - Marketing & Communications

It's remarkable what a small group of dedicated people can accomplish. Hundreds of thousands of people work in the global space industry. Without a doubt, this group includes an impressive line-up of scientists, physicists, engineers, mathematicians and myriad specialists. Still, this represents no more than a tiny fraction of humanity. Yet the scale and number of miraculous accomplishments are out of all proportion to its size.

So, how can this be? What is it that makes this group, this industry, so exceptional? You could point to the undeniable concentration of knowledge and skill. You might even argue a certain degree of luck. It certainly isn't owed to any certainty of profit or limitless funding. ...
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