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Stay alive
The Chicago Artists Coalition is pleased to present Stay alive, a solo exhibition of new sculptures by BOLT Resident, Jeffrey Michael Austin
Arrayed in a deliberate configuration throughout the center of the space, carefully tended plants dare us to question whether they belong. This space is for them, we see. An assiduous steward has furnished light, water, and humidity to address their needs; such is their authority that it feels likely we've wandered in on accident. An initial take on the ostensible "grow operation" commandeering the Chicago Artists Coalition's project space asks, "What else can an exhibition venue be?" A startling alternate to the way a space devoted to the exhibition of art is typically leveraged, Jeffrey Michael Austin's installation signals a moral dimension-- one that appears to reject art's alignment with luxury commodity and embrace instead a utilitarian, even survivalist functionality. 
Stay alive reveals the artistic voice as subsumed to the survivalist imperative: functionality complicated by sly evidence of the artist's touch. Drawings and words in condensation on mirrors, typically momentary and futile, become permanent through Austin's deft material manipulation. Regarding ourselves in the misted mirrors, furnished for the amplification of both light and self, in what state do we capture our own reflected images? Hilariously, alarmingly: which do we concern ourselves with more?
--Paola Cabal
For more information about the artist and exhibition, please click HERE
Opening reception: Friday, June 23, 2017, 6 - 9pm
Exhibition dates: June 23 - July 13, 2017
Image: Jeffrey Michael Austin, Stay alive (detail), 2017, Installation

Of Memories and Forgetfulness
The Chicago Artists Coalition is pleased to present Of Memories and Forgetfulness, a HATCH Projects exhibition featuring artists Caroline Liu, Pooja Pittie, and Brittney Leeanne Williams
The ability to remember and forget performs an important role in our lives and is linked to the questions we ask ourselves. According to postcolonial theorist, Fran├žoise Verges, "the mechanism of forgetfulness has ramifications far beyond the importance it has played in psychoanalysis." She goes on to quote Sigmund Freud in noting that "forgetfulness is not left to psychic arbitrariness, but that it follows lawful and rational paths." Memory, on the other hand, remains in constant flux, susceptible to the analysis of remembering and forgetting, unaware of its successive distortions, vulnerable to manipulation, predisposed to being long dormant and periodically revivied. Remembering and forgetting almost always occur in tandem. 
In Of Memories and Forgetfulness, the artists' reclamation of memory, evident in their work, functions as a counter-hegemonic act asserting their agency and subjectivity. Through explorations of identity and personal narrative these artists use memory as a tool of recognition. Utilizing the almost ritualistic form of recalling, this act of remembering solidifies and grounds each artist firmly in the present. Brittney Leanne Williams' work explores remembered narratives of race, invisibility, and state-sponsored violence. Pooja Pittie's abstract paintings recall her ability to move freely while confronting her progressive muscle disability. Caroline Liu's work tackles her short-term memory loss while grappling with feelings of vulnerability. 
Of Memories and Forgetfulness is curated by Sheridan Tucker
For more information about the artists, curator, and exhibition, please click HERE. 
Opening reception: Friday, June 23, 2017, 6 - 9pm
Exhibition dates: June 23 - July 13, 2017
Image: Brittney Leeanne Williams, Fray 2, 2016, Acrylic on Paper, 49 x 56 in.


Bank of America Collection & Marshall Field Private Residence
Thursday, July 13, 2017 6:00pm - 7:30pm
America corporations and private institutions have a long history of collecting art, but often keep it hidden behind closed doors. In this unique opportunity, U.S. Trust welcomes the Chartwell Collectors Circle to a private tour of Bank of America's Chicago art collection.
Art historian, curator, and writer Kate Pollasch will lead us through the Bank's collection of Post-War and Contemporary Art to discuss it's Chicago histroy, with works by artists such as Michiko Itatani, Gladys Nilsson, Jim Nutt, and Ray Yoshida. Delve into how and why corporations collect, and explore the grandeur of the Field Building where department store owner Marshall Field once lived, now the home of U.S. Trust.
Interested in joining Collectors Circle? Learn more here.
Current members please RSVP here.
Image: Ray Yoshida; work may not be currently on view


The ANNUAL 2017: The Distance Between Two Points
Save the Date! The Chicago Artists Coalition is pleased to announce this year's special exhibition will be extended to three weeks, opening on September 8 and closing on September 28, 2017.
The CAC is also delighted to announce that artist, writer, and publisher, Caroline Picard will curate this year's exhibition, titled "The Distance Between Two Points."
The ANNUAL is a yearly sales exhibition celebrating cutting-edge Chicago-based artists. Arranged by a guest curator, The ANNUAL creates an accessible forum for emerging collectors to discover affordable new work and engage directly with its creators.
Image: Assaf Evron, Untitled (S.R. Crown), 2016, archival inkjet print, 40 x 40"

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