Thursday, June 29, 2017

Chicago Artists Coalition>> The ANNUAL 2017



The Chicago Artists Coalition is delighted to announce the third edition of The ANNUAL (September 8 - 28, 2017) with the exhibition, The Shortest Distance Between Two Points curated by Caroline Picard with work by Candida Alvarez, Jorge Mendez Blake, Robert Burnier, Julietta CheungAssaf Evron, Roberto Harrison, Dominika Jackuliakova, Betsy Odom, Stephen Lapthisophon, Nazafarin Lotfi, Heather Mekkelson, Michael Milano, Bailey Romaine, Josh Rios + Anthony Romero, Ellen Rothenberg, Selina Trepp, Anne Wilson, and Fo Wilson.
Euclidean Geometry is based on the precept that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. An elegant and comprehensive geometry unfolds with that supposition in mind, a geometry whose logic yields other shapes and relationships, surfacing by way of conclusion in material architectures, cities, and regulatory bureaucracies that society navigates daily as a matter of course. Implicit in this inherited approach, however, is the premise that space itself is stable, flat, and consistent. What if we propose that space itself is curved? For a plane crossing from one part of the world to another, for instance, the arc is its most direct route. If space bends, an entirely other logic presents itself, realizing an alternate field of potential. "The Shortest Distance Between Two Points" explores the relationship between logic, geometry, and the social actions that unfold, react, or resist therein.
Events and programming that will accompany the exhibition include an Opening Reception on Friday, September 8, 7-9pm, a Curators Tour (TBD), and The ANNUAL Breakfast on Friday September 15, 9-11am.
The exhibition and all affiliated events will take place at the Chicago Artists Coalition, located at 217 N. Carpenter St. (free and open to the public).
The ANNUAL is supported in part by The ANNUAL Council, a diverse group of professionals committed to helping visual artists thrive in Chicago. 2017 Annual Council Members: Ian Gray, Joshua Herrington, Shannon Downe, Robin Gallardi, Ashley Galloway, Browne Goodwin, Susan Lyons, Tommy Miller, Kathleen Rapp, Hunt Tackbary, and Christine Tsuchida.
For more information about The ANNUAL Council, please click HERE.
The ANNUAL, launched in 2015, is a yearly sales exhibition celebrating cutting-edge Chicago-based artists. Arranged by a guest curator, The ANNUAL creates an accessible forum for emerging collectors to discover affordable new work and engage directly with its creators.
This year The ANNUAL will run for three weeks on either end of EXPO Chicago, opening Friday, September 8 and closing on Thursday, September 28. Hours: M-F 9-5pm, Saturday 12-6pm.
Contact: Mary DeYoe, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Special Projects
312-491-8888 /
Betsy Odom, LZR Suit, 2015, 20" x 18" x 12", leather, paint

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