-Our New Italian Cocktail Bar Otto Mezzo Opens Tomorrow!  See http://bit.ly/OttoMezzoBar, its spectacular- its first come first serve, but will try to save you a table Wednesday-Sunday 830p-4a, if interested.  If attending the James Beard Awards, Tribune just featured us as one of the places to be Sunday 4p-7p where “World’s best bartender award winner Charles Joly will mix drinks..”

-Sunda is Opening in Nashville! See http://bit.ly/SU_Nash , so excited- if know anyone that lives there or visits often, please introduce us (Nashville@RockitRanch.com) so we can take great care!  Also, for those who have been asking about how to get involved in our new projects over the years, now is the time to talk.

-Shooting a Feature Film in Chicago called “Bury The Lead!” This Q&A I just did http://bit.ly/2q1uQuv explains what the story is about! I’m making it with Oscar/Globe/Emmy winning teammates, the script was awarded to the “Blacklist” (Voted Best Scripts of Year), low budget independent, small units,.. let me know if want to help us make it!

-Produced a series of short films to fight Sexual Harassment with David Schwimmer & a number of amazing artists on www.Facebook.com/ThatsHarassment.  Please take a moment to watch at least 1 of the 6 of them (under 5 min), and most importantly, please share- especially now during Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  Please let me know what you think about them?

As always, appreciate your friendship & support!


(BTW, w/so much to share, hope you will stay connected with me on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @BillyDec. Be well!)