Friday, March 17, 2017

Business changes in the Lake View area of Chicago Illinois


Chicago Charlie’s Express 2472 N Clark Street,This is sad to see.I stopped by today to mail a package and they were no longer there.Where do you mail a postal package in the area that doesn’t have a high surcharge?
When asking around the neighborhood, several people stated Charlie’s wasn’t making any money after paying employees,rent,supplies and insurance.Allegedly The Post Office took all. Bad move by the Postal Service will have people using the UPS Store or small businesses opening a UPS or FedEx Ground account for home or business pick up.

Smoque Vapors
shop on Broadway near Diversey

Equinox Gifts on Broadway at Roscoe.Another loss for Lake View. This store has great unique gifts.Items are at giveaway prices right now before they close their doors. I guess they too have been having problems with people buying online.

Opening soon:

The Original Pancake House takes over the former Panera Cares on Diversey near Broadway.

The former Waffles Restaurant on Broadway near Addison remains closed years after closing at least 3 years ago as does the former Walmart that was across the street.

Doesn't the Alderman's office have any contacts with real estate agents to help get these places rented with new business or sold for development?

Development continues on Clark near Addison with the properties the Rickets family has razed for their new hotel and entertainment offerings that surround Wrigley Field.

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