Saturday, February 25, 2017

Why I left Smugmug for Zenfolio photo hosting

Why I switched from Smugmug to Zenfolio

I’ve been with both services for my two different photo company archives for about 8 years.

I’ve decided to consolidate both of my large photo archives onto one site and had to decide the pros and cons of each photo service.

Here are the reason’s I am leaving Smugmug.I have  the easiest template they have for viewing images that you’ve put into galleries.
What visitors see are rows of thumbnails that you click on the photo of interest and then view a larger image with your caption info.
However,click on that larger image and your photo is on an isolated page and your caption and copyright statement have vanished.Well not completely vanished,but it’s out of view and you need to scroll down to see it.Many strangers have landed on that second page and if the images didn’t have my large watermark they’d consider the photo a freebie to use in whatever way they please. Well,some took the image watermark and all but that's a whole different post.

Another thing not to my or my  clients  is that the images do not appear with the frame number making images very time consuming to locate.

Lastly you can’t have nested folders in your galleries.For my Chicago images I have sub-categories of beaches,buildings,vintage,nightlife.Smug just doesn’t do this but it's a breeze to do on Zenfolio.
First you create a 'group'  and then create a 'gallery' under the group name. I also can quickly make any or all galleries private,invisible or password protected and even change the watermark.

So,Smugmug is a service that would be okay for showing your portfolio or other types of photography where image numbers and nested folders are not a big deal but at the end of the day,my clients and I needed more.

Zenfolio! I’ve had one of my photo site on Zen for 8 years and it’s so much quicker,cheerful and easier to navigate.

I have my frame numbers,nested folders and my captions and copyright statement do not vanish and I have unlimited storage; the same as I did with Smugmug.

Tech support is good with both sites and template choices are available and not too difficult to navigate. Zenfolio has always had better choices for me and I didn’t have to call in an outside web designer for help.

So if you’re looking for a new web host for your photography business you might be happy with Zenfolio as we are. Here is your chance to find out with a great discount. Use my link below and
you’ll get 20% and I’ll get a bonus as well!

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