First, our New Exec Chef Mike Sheerin (Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs.. Blackbird, WD-50,..) just launched his New Menu at Rockit!  I’d love for you to try it and let me know what you think!?  Even got you a gift certificate to enjoy!  Sharing is caring!

Second, we’re expanding! Happy to announce our Newest Concept Opening Soon-! Please help spread word that we’re hiring top talent managers, cooks, bartenders, servers,.. across the entire company!

Finally, on a personal passion note, excited to share I’m filming a movie in Chicago this year with Oscar/Globe/Emmy winning teammates called Bury The Lead, a highly honored “Blacklist" script (along w/ The Revenant, Argo, Spotlight,..)!  Low budget independent, small units,.. in case want to join us on this adventure!  Let me know if interested and I'll happily share the info!

As always, appreciate your friendship & support, and please never hesitate if I can ever be of service to you!

Your faithful friend, 

Billy Dec

(BTW, w/so much to share & announce very soon, hope you will stay connected with me on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @BillyDec. Till then!!)