Thursday, February 23, 2017

Changes could be coming for Macy's State Street store in Chicago

Macy's Holiday Tree in the Walnut Room,© 2016 Linda Matlow/PIXINTL.All rights reserved

It's only February 2017 but already I feel we've had 10 years of changes and bad news over the past two months.

According to a recent Macy's press release,the chain plans to lease out its upper floors of their flagship State Street store in Chicago for office space.
What will that mean for the iconic Walnut Room?

Many figured with their recent sale of Frango Mints to the Garret Popcorn chain something was brewing.

I covered events at Marshall Field's and Macy's and this is truly one of Chicago's best retail establishments that nothing in this big city can compare to.

Sadly we saw the demise of Carson Pirie Scott and Sears State Street stores in recent years.The Target store pales in comparison to the beloved Carson's that stood there before.

The internet has put a dent in the bricks and mortar stores and is forcing retailers to downsize and rethink their strategy for the future.

Before you hit that 'BUY IT NOW" button online,consider that online sales are putting people out of work.Boarded up storefronts in once vital neighborhoods bring real estate values down and bring higher crime.

No one will suddenly change their shopping  habits,but it might be a good thing to make a conscious effort to reinvest in your own towns retail establishments instead of letting the 'robots' in online e-tailing take over the work force.

We don't even want to think about Macy's upcoming changes,it but it's our hope that they will reconsider their options and keep a vital part of Chicago's retail history and the Walnut Room,the go to place for generations during the holidays alive.

Macy's tree photo ©Linda Matlow/PIXINTL.All rights reserved.


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