Thursday, January 19, 2017

Instagram it might not be for everyone!

Most people,myself included rarely take the time to read a website's "Terms of Service" when signing up.
I have an account on Instagram but I've never posted there. Why? Well,they are one of the few sites that I've read their terms of service and every update they've posted.I was hoping at some point they'd make it sound less of a rights grab but that hasn't happened.

PDN Magazine has just posted a 'Dumbed Down' summary of their terms without the legalese.

Many that know me know what a stickler I am for protecting my copyrights.Yes,I've registered my photographs with the US Copyright office for decades and waterark my images.That hasn't stopped the thousands that have posted my images on their sites.

Thank God I have some great lawyers!
I think sites like Instagram work best for companies that are paying social media influencers and photographers to post on the site to their site and create buzz for their brand.

Or,those in the arts that feel comfortable using Instagram to get more eyeballs for their work and aren't concerned about image theft.

As for me,photography is my livelihood and I don't give my work away.Perhaps someday they will have a rival with better terms for the content providers.

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