Saturday, July 30, 2016

Book>>'The Power of Home Numbers' by Jesse Kalsi

I just received a copy of, 'The Power of Home Numbers' by Jesse Kalsi and had a chance to read it over the weekend.

Jesse Kalsi specializes in guiding people to the right home for them thru his method of numerology combined with astrology.
Being in the real estate field as well,this comes in handy to make a place a better fit for the would be buyers to thrive in their new homes or make their current home a more prosperous and enjoyable place to live.
The book is filled with hundreds of examples and stories of addresses and what those numbers were deficient in and how to patch a less than perfect address to a better number.Add the astrology aspect  of each of the planets being represented by a number and the energy of the planets helps put a more in depth spin on deciphering your address code. According to Kalsi,it's not that easy and many factors go into his method of interpretation.

I found it an interesting read that added and confirmed what I already knew from years of self study of the basics of numerology.I was not familiar with the aspect of adding the astrology method to the equation but probably would have been good to know this in the past when I moved or purchased real estate.

If you are a newcomer wanting to try it out for size,you might want to wait for a future book from Jesse or get a reading from him.I hear he's fabulous!
I especially enjoyed the chapter on political leaders and addresses.

You can find out more about Jesse and his readings on his website at:

The print addition is available from Amazon,Barnes and Noble and other book outlets

Balboa Press,200 pages 6x9 paperback

The Power of Home Numbers

Barnes & Noble

Friday, July 29, 2016

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