Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sad but true...Hormel discontinues their Mary Kitchen Reduced Fat Corned Beef Hash

 Many have wondered why an obvious best seller has been absent from store shelves around the country.
I stocked up on the last 5 cans I could find after contacting the Hormel office. They stated that it's been discontinued.In its place is the Corned Beef Hash with reduced sodium. I noticed the calorie count on that one is over 300 calories per serving.I've tried it before and it tasted fatty and greasy.The reduced fat was far better.

Price gauging is rampant on this product.If you succumb to those prices,be sure to check the expiration dates.

Anyone have a great recipe on how to make it quick and easy at home,send me a message!

In the interim you can always enjoy the Mary's Kitchen reduced sodium Corned Beef Hash.Amazon's price is lower than my local grocery store.

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