Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Review>The Tenba 633-303 Switch 10 Camera Bag.Yes,It's Love!

If you’ve been a working photographer for awhile you probably have an area of your home or studio dedicated to camera bags.Many of us buy sight unseen hoping they would be,’the one.’
I’ve been a photographer since the film days of the late 1970s and have gone thru the gamut of every hyped to obscure camera bag including computer messenger bags and oversized purses with a camera bag type insert inside to separate my lenses.

Then I had the opportunity to test a Tenba bag.Feeling mildly optimistic I asked if they could send me the,”Tenba 633-303 Switch 10 Camera Bag.”

It quickly arrived and at first I thought it might look a bit small for my upcoming shoot.
That didn’t stop me from filling every available space. I usually don’t pack a bag this tight but seeing my photo shoot was so brief and I wouldn’t have to be digging in my camera bag it just
panned out this way.

Here is what it was able to devour. :-)

1-Nikon D750 camera body with Nikon 24-120mm f4 zoom lens attached with hood
1-Nikon 70-200mm f4 zoom lens with caps,hood
1-Yongnuo 560III flash
1-flash diffuser
1-Rogue Flash diffuser
1-Custom Brackets folding flash
1-extra set of4  Envelop size AA batteries in Hakuba compact case
1-Backup Nikon camera battery
money(I don’t carry a wallet)
1-credit card holder with my ID’s
1-iPhone 6s Plus
2-SD cards in cases
1-lens cleaning cloth
1-set of keys
1-large tin of Altoids

What struck me first is the compact styling and the smooth  faux leather material that won’t be abrasive on my clothes.It’s water resistant and abrasion free!
The canvas type bags have ruined  too many of my jackets and blouses  after just a few wearings. I was able to wear it cross body and it has a nice compact way it fits against your body.It was not obtrusive at all. At events I carry my bag at all times and do not tuck it away anywhere.
Nice features of the Tenba include a rain cover you can remove and leave at home or keep it in the bag. This is a versatile messenger bag. If you haven’t packed as much as I did you could fit an iPad in there. This was just a small 10 minute shoot at a book signing for Bruce Springsteen at Books-A-Million in Chicago.For a short photo shoot I probably would not have brought the 70-200mm lens but I had a feeling it would be a crowded photo shoot.

Tucked away inside are two rubber straps with velcro to mount your tripod underneath the bag.

It’s elegant and not heavy at 1.6 pounds when empty.
The dimensions are: 9.5 x 5.5 x 12 inches

This bag has more space than I realized.
2-mesh side pocket for water bottles,accessories or a small folding umbrella and side flaps so rain doesn’t leak inside.
1-YKK zippered compartment that runs thru the back.
2-YKK zippered compartments in front that the flap covers hold a lot.They go the length of the bag.
Inside has dividers where you can stack a couple of smaller lenses or move them aside for a long zoom or flash.
business card holder.

You can access  quickly your gear thru the zippered top.
Snap closure has a choice of 2 snaps you can use depending on how much you’ve put in the bag.
No noisy velcro was a welcome surprise.Great bag to take to concerts,weddings(as a second bag or a smaller system than I have) or performances.

Are you going to a photo shoot with a sea of black camera bags that will be in a corner of a room at an event?  Do you like your bag to go with your wardrobe? You an always swap out covers to include red,pink camouflage,grey,etc. I changed the bag to a colorful geometric pattern which nicely breaks up my all black work wardrobe.
We all love choices don’t we?

For me,the Tenba was ‘Love at First Sight’ and will replace my Sony sling bag for most photo shoots. I still have a much bigger old bag that will  hold two camera bodies and several lenses  I don’t use that often.


compact body hugging size
different covers available
tripod straps
rain cover
abrasion and water resistant
interchangeable cover flap

None that I’ve noticed

The Tenba 633-303 Switch 10 Camera Bag is available at most camera stores in addition to online outlets such as Amazon.
The list price is $109.95 
The link to the The Tenba 633-303 Switch 10 Camera Bag is below.

Be sure to check out the many other camera bags in the Tenba line!

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