Tuesday, December 13, 2016

DAVIDs TEA New Holiday mugs and our new favorite wake up beverage!

We recently received the Nordic Tea Mug with cup,saucer,strainer from DAVIDs TEA and we're so thrilled with this impressive package we've added this to our holiday gift shopping list.
It was the first time I tried DAVIDs Mocha Latte and I requested this blend because it's lower in caffeine than other blends. It's a coarse blend that smells,looks, and tastes wonderful.

This java-inspired tisane has everything a coffee lover could want and then some. It’s got coffee beans, sweet cocoa shells and a big hit of creamy mocha candy beans for a blend that’s rich, comforting and oh-so satisfying. The best part? It’s low on caffeine, which means you can enjoy all the deliciousness this blend has to offer without getting the coffee jitters. So whether you drink it hot, iced or on the go, this is one little indulgence you won’t be able to get enough of.

If you really want to impress friends family or clients with a unique holiday or special occasion gift,I'd select one of DAVIDs amazing tea or coffee blends and their excellent selection of Mugs.
I received the Nordic Tea Mug with cup,saucer,strainer.This will wow the crowd with it's beauty and uniqueness before they've even sampled their flavor of choice.
Davids Tea The Nordic Tea Mug with cup,saucer,strainer.Cup and infuser have the Mocha Latte blend

I photographed the set as you can see,this truly is special.So much so I've given up my daily Mr.Coffee pot and only drink the DAVIDs blends in the morning!


For more info and to purchase:


Direct to the Mocha Latte


A great holiday mug with diffuser



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