Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Best of the Best>>Sally Loves book series by Jody Mackey

We receive quite a few pitches for books thru the year but very few do we request media copies for.
We knew when this arrived this would probably end up on our,’Best of the Best’ annual list.

I wasn’t familiar with this series until three beautiful hardcover books arrived and a fun softcover coloring book as part of the series.

It’s been many decades since I’ve read a children’s book and the craft has come a long way since the stories I read as a child.

The “Sally Loves” series empowers it’s young readers with hope,promise and empowering their spirit.Created author and illustrator Jody Mackey Sally Loves to Swim, Sally Loves to Dance, Sally  Loves Horses, and Sally Loves Coloring, Activities & Sticker Book, paint a picture of what is important to her—she includes family, friends, pets, favorite sports, and activities. Mackey was raised with the notion that with hard work, you can do anything. Her books bring that kind of confidence to children—they inspire and encourage them to reach for their dreams.

Sally Loves…books follow the adventures of a fun-loving girl named Sally—be inspired by great books about heart, hard work and accomplishing something wonderful. As each story unfolds, in addition to important lessons about following one’s dreams, Mackey always finds a way to illustrate the rewards of determination and the joys of friendship and family.
Sally Loves…™ “Where Reading and Confidence are always Cool!” Children delight in turning each page to see one beautiful illustration, after another. One cannot help notice that there is always a book and a book case in sally’s room. Sally introduces children to a favorite, and often a new, activity such as horseback riding, triathlon, hula dancing and more. Sally has been described as active, fun, enthusiastic, and having an absolute willingness to try new, sometimes unconventional, activities. She may not be the fastest, or the even the most competitive, but she certainly is going to give it her all and enjoy herself along the way.
Each book is designed to inspire children, build self-esteem and encourage them to follow their dreams.

Features of Sally Loves…™ books:
•   Help to develop reading skills
•   Inspiring stories
•   Beautiful illustrations
•   Activity book provides hours of education and fun
•   Encourages kids to be brave, confident and overcome shyness
•   Illustrates the importance of friendships and family
•   Promotes an active lifestyle such as sports and other physical activities

Sally inherited much of her adventurous personality from Mackey herself— she loves to compete in sports and other activities. She is a woman of many talents such as an Ironman triathlete, a runner, a cyclist, an equestrian and even a golfer. Sports have enriched her life, and so it seems only natural for her to share her experiences and inspire young children to be active through her books.

The Sally Loves…™ book series is amassing praise from esteemed critics including; Kirkus Reviews Magazine, Feathered Quill and parenting websites such as Parenting Healthy, Mom-Spot, Michigan Mom, Moms Lifesavers, All Beautiful Mommies, Love Mom Inc. and Motherhood Moment, among many others.
 This is a beautifully illustrated series,well written and hoping to empower a young generation to pursue their dreams. I also notice that Sally is very active which sends a positive message to step away from the tv and computer and enjoy life,real friends and family and reconnect with life.
Well done Ms.Mackey.I look forward to spreading the word about this wonderful series and look forward to what’s in store for Sally in the future!

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