Release Date: 10/18/16
Authors: Jedd Hafer & Todd Hafer
Synopsis: Laughs. We share them, send them, feel them, and seek them. We sing about laughter, talk about it, write about it, dream of it, and even Tweet about it. Sadly, sometimes we can’t spare even one laugh.
But the laughs are there, for the enjoying. Steve Martin said that a comedian’s job is simply “talking about what’s going on. And there will always be something going on.” This is good news, because, of all the gifts life gives us, humor is one of its sweetest. We laugh with our kids, laugh at our pets, and, sometimes, laugh right in the face of danger, fear, or grief.
Most of all, we love to laugh with those special people God has placed in our lives. This book celebrates laughter, in all its glory, foibles, and mysteries. In the following pages, you’ll find a literary feast of things ridiculous, remarkable, and downright wonderful. We hope this book will help you celebrate the many ways laughter can surprise, delight, amaze, comfort, and enrich life like nothing else on earth.
Release Date: 10/18/16
Author: Aaron Coleman
Synopsis: Most people who need a budget just hate budgeting; there’s something about it that makes people feel confined. Money management systems often fit into the same bucket, because a many people find them too complex or restrictive.
With its focus on taking control of your finances, on empowering rather than restricting, Winning With Money marks out a path for your first steps to personal success. Whether you are 18 or 98, the principles outlined by Aaron Coleman will set you on a course toward freedom, flexibility and victory with your money. The genius is in simplicity. Learn how to simplify, to take control of your money and take control of your life. Learn how to achieve financial success, flexibility and options in your life – all without dedicating everything to a complicated, hard-to-follow system.
Whether you are 18 or 98, the principles outlined by Aaron Coleman will set you on a course toward freedom, flexibility and victory with your money.
Release Date: 10/25/16
Author: Kevin Everett

Synopsis: Nearly every human on the planet learns to walk as a toddler and run shortly thereafter. Many go on to run recreationally or even competitively, but never learn to fully utilize their bodies’ potential. Kevin Everett provides a path to create more mindful and purposeful walking, running, and ultimately moving throughout life toward personal health empowerment.
The HeART of Running takes the reader on a journey to discover the “runner’s high” or “flow state.” That sense of purpose and mindful motion gives anyone the edge needed to complete the marathon, competition, steep hill or even simple walk with a stroller in tow with better physical performance and metaphysical benefits. Once a runner, walker, athlete, parent or child learns to harness and maintain that edge, a passion is built to attain a constant and reliable form of self-satisfaction. The HeART of Running places the reader on a path to achieve the runner’s high every time.
Release Date: 11/15/16
Author: Seth Buechley

Synopsis: Seth Buechley tackles the plaguing question of why ambitious people struggle to find satisfaction and reveals what they can do about it. His exceptional perspective, which began in a commune in the woods and led him to financial success through several multi-million dollar businesses, shines through his candid and direct insights into the advantages and disadvantages of ambition. A seasoned entrepreneur and leader of high-growth companies, Buechley illustrates the fundamental nature of gratitude in making the shift to lasting leadership impact.