Friday, January 15, 2016

Wal-Mart to close hundreds of stores.Perhaps they should look at their procedures and stop blaming the internet

WAL-MART is the retailer many love to hate. From reports of disgruntled employees over wages and treatment to customers abandoning them no matter how low their prices are,Wal-Mart has stated they will be closing hundreds of stores and looking at reviewing their competition.

According to a story in DNAInfo today,"The closures will arrive just a few months after Wal-Mart's chief executive said the chain will review its store roster in the face of renewed competition from the Internet and elsewhere."

I don't think Wal-Mart needs to eye the competition as much as they need to take a look at their own company and address the issues within their stores.

When Wal-Mart opened in my area approximately 3 years ago the neighborhood had mixed reactions.They welcomed a new retailer,but many local residents were familiar with Wal-Mart's lax stocking of popular items,the depressing lighting that makes you want to flee the store after entering,the unfriendly poorly trained employees that are a revolving door due to lower pay,benefits and working conditions.

The store in my area does have an excellent well trained staff in their pharmacy that I dread having to replace.

Many of the retail stores doing poorly blame online retailers such as for their lower earnings or complete demise.But it's deeper than that.People are use to lower prices and with online shopping they don't have to have their day ruined by surly employees or check the expiration date of every item they plan to purchase.

My 2016 intention started out to make a concerted effort to shop local and spend money in my own community to keep business here and avoid the addition of empty storefronts popping up every other month.If Walmart plans on closing so many stores,this will just drive their customers to their competitors or online shopping.

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