Thursday, May 21, 2015

American Liver Foundation’s Annual 5K Liver Life Walk Chicago Set to Raise $125K In the Fight Against Liver Disease (Chicago)


                           The American Liver Foundation (ALF)
is set to host hundreds of the most kindhearted residents in the Windy City for its annual Liver Life Walk Chicago. Participants are stepping up in support of local residents and families currently affected by liver disease.
This year’s walk includes an inspiring group of patients, liver donors and recipients, along with family members and friends who have become active advocates for liver patients throughout the Chicago area. 

                              The Liver Life Walk is held annually across the US, including Chicago. AbbVie is the National Presenting Sponsor of Liver Life Walk.
The walk is open to the general public, and participants are recruited through school groups, corporations and the medical community. Both individuals and teams are encouraged to attend. Food, fun and music will be part of this family-oriented day.

    WHEN: Saturday, June 13, 2015
Walk Registration Begins: 8:00AM
5K/3.1 miles Walk Starts: 9:00AM
Walk Ends: 10:30AM

WHERE:                    Montrose Beach
-The walk will take place at Montrose in the field just east of N. Simmonds and Montrose Drive and north of the harbor.
WHY:                                    The proceeds of Liver Life Walk Chicago 2015 will be utilized to support education and outreach into underserved communities, as well as the education of high school students on the prevention and treatment of liver disease and to fund research in academic medical centers all over the region. For more information go to:

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The American Red Cross, Illinois DCFS, Illinois DNR and Illinois Association of Park Districts Teamed Up to Prevent Drowning

The American Red Cross, Illinois DCFS, Illinois DNR and Illinois
Association of Park Districts Teamed Up to Prevent Drowning
 The American Red Cross, Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the Illinois Association of Park Districts held a press conference on Wednesday, May 20 at the Springfield Elks Lodge #158, 409 East Lake Shore Drive to raise awareness about water safety this Memorial Day weekend and year round.
“In this age of constant distraction, it is important for parents and other caregivers to pay attention when children are in or near any body of water, which is why Governor Rauner proclaimed May as Childhood Drowning Prevention Month in Illinois,” said George Sheldon, Acting Director of Illinois DCFS. “The public can help DCFS draw attention to this very preventable issue and together we can save lives.”
“The single-most important thing parents can do is to be sure children are wearing properly fitting life jackets,” said Wayne Rosenthal, Director of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. “Children should always wear a life jacket, and adults should set a good example by wearing theirs, too.”
In 2014, 24 Illinois children under the age of 18 lost their lives due to accidental drowning: 13 in pools; 4 in ponds; 3 in lakes; 2 in bathtubs; 1 in a river; and 1 in a large bucket. Nine of the children who drowned in pools were under the age of five. Self-closing, self-locking gates, alarms and other types of warning sensors can go a long way in protecting children. Toddlers have also been known to drown in large buckets used in home improvement projects so it is extremely important to empty buckets and turn them over when they are not in use.
“The American Red Cross, in partnership with other community organizations across Illinois, offers a variety of water safety classes and swimming lessons that can save a child’s life,” said Bryan Soady, Executive Director of the American Red Cross Serving South Central Illinois. “We also recommend that caregivers learn CPR and keep rescue equipment, a telephone and emergency numbers nearby.” More water safety tips are available at
“Park districts and recreation agencies are often the heart of their communities, a place for gathering and bonding, but they also fill a critical need – education,” said Peter Murphy, President and CEO for the Illinois Association of Park Districts. “Education is the key to combating this important issue, and we are honored to be a part of this team to share the important message about learning to swim and drowning prevention.”

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Colorado Man Runs Boston Marathon Four Times In a Row … In One Day!

"Best Architecture Walking Tour Since Sliced Bread" Launches Friday, May 22 (Chicago)

Michael Jackson meets post-modern architecture. 
A totally new angle on looking at architecture



"Best Architecture Walking Tour Since Sliced Bread" Launches Friday, May 22
Guests Learn About Architectural Styles through Pop Culture Clues

  On Friday, May 22, Chicago Detours launches their new summertime walking tour that chronologically tells the story of Chicago through architectural styles and a fun, educational dynamic. It is titled, "Best Architecture Walking Tour Since Sliced Bread."

What does Michael Jackson’s "Thriller" music video have to do with the design of a post-modern skyscraper? Or Andy Warhol’s soup cans with modernism? These are questions that will be answered on this creative tour of Chicago architecture, designed with the approach that all arts are a reflection of an age. The tour guide will compare the architectural features of the buildings visited to works in art, design, and pop culture from across history to lead guests in identifying architectural styles and understanding their deeper connections with history.

Chicago Detours Executive Director Amanda Scotese designed the tour to be unlike any other architecture tour of Chicago. "The interdisciplinary approach that we use - linking anything from art history to fashion to jazz history - gives people a frame of reference for understanding architecture as well as tools to help them remember how to identify styles on their own."

Scotese believes that many other architecture tours in Chicago rely on facts, like dates and names, that can intimidate or bore guests. This tour welcomes people both entirely new to looking at architecture and those with plenty of background to learn about Chicago history and architectural styles while enjoying the visual beauty of the buildings. 

Styles covered on the tour will be early Chicago architecture, commercial style (aka "Chicago School"), art deco, modernist, post-modernist and contemporary. Images and video presented on shared iPads will show the comparative examples, like the frilly nature of turn-of-the-century fashions as similar to early skyscraper ornamentation, or the angular dancing of "Thriller" as a parallel to the jagged shape of the post-modern Crain Communications Building.

"I want this tour to be the absolute tour for anyone who wants to actively learn about the history of Chicago architecture. You go on the boat tour to be dazzled and for a light introduction, and then on this new tour you can start cultivating a true depth for understanding Chicago architecture," Scotese states.

The title of the tour was created partly in jest, and partly to express the playful, pop-culture angle of the tour.

The route of the tour starts under the Michigan Avenue Bridge. Then the group walks south along Michigan Avenue, on a route where many people walk but rarely look up. In addition to stopping to enjoy the visual eye candy, groups will consider the beauty and history of buildings they may have otherwise found mundane. Tour stops include the Carbon & Carbide Building, One Illinois Plaza, Prudential, Crain Communications, and the Aqua Tower and Lakeshore East Development. The tour includes a secret underground Pedway shortcut to the very new Maggie Daley Park, where the tour concludes.

While several of these buildings are iconic to Chicagoans who may think they are already familiar with them, this tour will lend an entirely new perspective on how the buildings' designs reflect the spirit of their era with a deeper cultural perspective.

"Best Architecture Walking Tour Since Sliced Bread" starts at 12pm on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays inside the Fannie May Store at 343 N. Michigan Ave. The 1.5-hour-long tour ends at Maggie Daley Park. Tickets are $22 per person and reservations are required via Tour includes guide commentary, shared use of iPads with historic photos and video clips, and special gifts.


Contact: Amanda Scotese, Executive Director of Chicago Detours
Copyright © 2015 Chicago Detours, All rights reserved.




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