Want to Learn More About Women In Film?
Join us for Women In Film Chicago’s first Open House on January 14, 2016
The public is cordially invited to Women In Film Chicago’s (WIFC) inaugural Open House from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, January 14 at Conspiracy studio, 170 N. Sangamon, located in the West Loop area.
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“This is a great time to meet the women who are already working in Chicago’s visual arts community and to become a member of Women In Film,” says Carrie Hunter, president of Women In Film Chicago. “For 2016, we have revamped our mission and will offer more educational programming to our members and better connect them with professionals in the industry with exclusive events. Also, our goal is to offer scholarships and other assistance to female directors, screenwriters, producers, and others advancing their careers within the industry.”  
A 2014 study revealed the gender gap in Hollywood by citing that women directors comprised 7% on the top 250 films. As writers, they made up 11%; as producers 23%; and 5% of cinematographers. Only the number of female editors stayed consistent at 18% in both test samples (via Variety).
“I truly feel that the industry should reflect the population – it’s not even close,” says Hunter “That is why I am part of Women in Film. WIFC wants to change the game. It hopes to empower women to get behind the scenes and call the shots and uplift one another. WIFC’s goal is to give women some of the tools they will need to succeed in this very competitive industry.”
In addition to learning about the 2016 programming, signing up for volunteer opportunities, and great networking, Open House attendees can also become members at a discounted rate. This evening only! For more information about this event and the annual Focus Awards to be held January 28, visit www. WIFChicago.net or email info@wifchicago.org.
About Women in Film Chicago: For more than 30 years, WIF Chicago has been building a global community of film, television, advertising, digital and on-screen media professionals. With 6,800 members in the United States and 12,000 members internationally, Women in Film is the preeminent organization for the advancement of women in these industries. For more info visit: wifchicago.org