Independent Filmmaker Project Chicago (IFP Chicago) unveils new logo designed by C2 Creative.  IFP Chicago's mission is to educate, connect and promote film and filmmakers living and working in the Midwest. "The last time IFP Chicago unveiled a new logo it was 1998. Since then, the world of filmmaking has changed. Our community has changed. And so has the organization. We felt it was time for a new logo - one that reflects who we are now and where we are going," stated IFP Chicago Board President Nicole Bernardi-Reis.
IFP Chicago partnered with the marketing team at C2 Creative to re-brand the organization.
"IFP Chicago is about community. It's about creativity. The organization needed a brand identity that truly reflected the organization. For the new logo, we’ve taken inspiration from Chicago, a place where creative vision and hard work built a metropolis out of ashes.  It’s a place with a strong identity that isn’t afraid to redefine itself – just like its filmmakers," explained C2 Creative Partner Patrick Smith.
Along with a new logo, IFP Chicago will also unveil new programming in the next twelve months; they will launch a series events and programs aimed at bringing the incredibly diverse film community together as well as creating stronger relationships with the business and tech communities.

IFP Chicago is expanding their member services, including re-launching of their fiscal sponsorship program, and creating educational program for all levels of filmmakers. IFP Chicago programs include:
  • The Chicago Underground Film Festival (CUFF). The festival will be held May 13 -14, 2015. For more information please visit
  • "In the Works" member and rough cut screenings.
  • "75 Minutes With" series of conversations with well-known and emerging directors, screenwriters and technical experts of independent cinema. Previous conversations have featured such filmmakers as John McNaughton, Neil LaBute, Rose Troche, Harold Ramis, Dylan Baker, Joe Chappelle
    , and Joe Swanberg.
  • Relaunching the IFP/Chicago fiscal sponsorship program.
  • Mentorship programs which help discover, support, educate, mentor, and provide industry connections to talented filmmakers with promising projects.

    INDEPENDENT FILMMAKER PROJECT CHICAGO (IFP CHICAGO) is a non-profit organization committed to the idea that independent film is an important art form and powerful voice in our society. We provide information, community, education and professional development opportunities for independent filmmakers, industry professionals and independent film enthusiasts. We encourage quality and diversity in independent production and assist filmmakers at all levels of experience in realizing their unique vision.

    To find out about upcoming programs & events, or to sign up for the IFP Chicago newsletter visit

    Find IFP Chicago on Facebook IFP-Chicago and Twitter @IFPCHICAGO.

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