Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Helen Brach: Why is Chicago's greatest mystery still unsolved?

On the morning of February 17, 1977, Helen Vorhees Brach, heiress to the Brach candy fortune, walked out of the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and vanished without a trace. With one suspect in custody and no real evidence, it's a case that continues to puzzle crime experts and enthusiasts—and just may be Chicago’s greatest unsolved mystery.
As James Ylisela, a veteran Chicago journalist and crime expert, recently explained in Crain’s Chicago Business
, a government informant confessed his involvement in 2005. But Cook County prosecutors acted cautiously, and the news eventually disappeared. However, the work of their investigations have now come to light, and Ylisela is trying to get the State's Attorney to commit to taking one more look at the case.
For his new ebook, Who Killed the Candy Lady?: Unwrapping the Unsolved Murder of Helen Brach, Ylisela spoke to a now-retired investigator who believes he and his partner solved this case 10 years ago—only to be stopped by the powers that be. Ylisela used this investigator’s case files, piecing together the gruesome evidence to form two very different theories of who could have killed Ms. Brach and why.
These case files might offer prosecutors their best—and also their last—chance to solve the Helen Brach mystery. I hope you will consider interviewing James Ylisela about his new book and why it’s important that prosecutors take a fresh look at this case now.

This ebook is available for purchase at!

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