Friday, November 14, 2014

R.I.P> Jane Byrne. First and only female Chicago Mayor has died.

Former Chicago Illinois Mayor Jane Byrne died today at the age of 81. She was the first and only female mayor.

I photographed the former Mayor in the early 1980s and though she was not into posing for the cameras,she was always very gracious.She did a lot for the city during a crazy time and I am glad the city honored her before she passed.

From our daily newspaper,the Chicago Tribune

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Study shows what city loves hot tubs most!

Home to the stars – and birthplace of Tobey McGuire, Robert Redford, Shirley Temple – tops hot tub league of U.S. cities

One in 20 Santa Monica properties boast hot tubs – six times the U.S. average: study by

Chicago ranks second: hot tub capital of Midwest. But Florida is top tub state, with four of 10 top tub towns 

Santa Monica is the hot tub capital of America, according to a study by (
), the apartment rentals app and website.  

The upscale Californian beach town, on the doorstep of Los Angeles, is home both to a galaxy of Hollywood stars and, says Zumper’s data, to more hot tubs per property than any other U.S. city.  

Roughly one in 20 (4.5%) Santa Monica rental apartments listed on Zumper boast hot tubs – over six times the U.S. national average (0.7%). 

“Hot tubs are an icon of the American Dream”, says Anthemos Georgiades, CEO of Zumper. “So, in its own way maybe is Santa Monica. They make a good pair.”

The study is based on data from nearly half a million apartment rental listings on Zumper, which lets users search real, live-time apartment listings across the U.S. faster and more easily than ever before. 

Thank to its proximity to Hollywood and other qualities, Santa Monica has long boasted strong celebrity links. The list compiled by the movie website of celebrities born in Santa Monica runs to 519 names – from Shirley Temple to Robert Redford, Tobey McGuire and Suri Cruise (daughter of Tom). 

Alumni of Santa Monica High include Charlie Sheen, Sean Penn, Rob Lowe and Robert Downey Jr. Santa Monica’s current or recent residents include Jane Fonda, Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, Jamie Lee Curtis and Amber Valetta. 

Chicago, meanwhile, ranks second in Zumper’s hot tub top ten, making it the hot tub capital of the Midwest and the only northern city to make the U.S. top 10.  

Florida, however, is the top tub state. It boasts four cities (West Palm Beach, Kissimmee, Plantation, Aventura) in the hot tub top 10, compared to California’s three (Santa Monica, San Diego, Oceanside). 

Hot tubs may once have been seen as the plaything of 1970s-era party animals and stars like Burt Reynolds and Farah Fawcett, back in the days when the great ideological divide in hot tub circles came down to nude versus not nude. They continue to play a party role of sorts these days in such reality TV shows as Jersey Shore and The Batchelor. 

They also, however, have an ancient history, points out Georgiades, a classics scholar by training. “The Romans enjoyed hot tubs in the form of spas in their public baths”, he says. “The ancient Greeks had their own version.” 

The typical hot tub buyer nowadays is, in truth, less likely to be a party type than an ageing baby boomer couple looking for something to soothe their troubled brows or arthritic bones.

With a population of some 90,000, Santa Monica considers itself an independent city but many others view it as one of the cities and suburbs that make up Los Angeles: LA at its most stereotypical or maybe LA at its best – LA with sidewalks, clean air and ... hot tubs. 

It has a reputation for leaning liberal or left, prompting critics to dub it “Santa Moscow”. It is home, however, not just to many star names but also to more than its share of both bronzed and buff beach-hounds in wraparound shades and of geeks and nerds working in tech start-ups in “Silicon Beach”. 

Another recent study, meanwhile, ranked it the smartest suburb in America, based on the percentage of the population with degrees and the number of local museums, universities and colleges. 

Zumper’s Hot Tub Top Ten U.S. Cities:

– Ranked By % Of Rental Apartments With Hot Tubs 
Rank    City     % Hot Tub
1.    Santa Monica (Ca)     4.5
2.    Chicago (Il)    3.9
3.=    Wichita (Ks)    3.7
3.=    West Palm Beach (Fl)     3.7
5.=    Kissimmee (Fl)     3.6
5.=    Charlottesville (Va)     3.6
7.    Plantation (Fl)     2.9
8.    Aventura (Fl)     2.7
9.    San Diego (Ca)     2.5
10.    Oceanside (Ca)    2.4
    U.S. national average     0.7


: Zumper is the industry-leading apartment rental app, website and search platform – the easiest way to find a home or apartment for rent. It has built the most intuitive rental search platform, which lets users find their next home faster than ever. Its industry-leading iPhone and Android apps and map-based, real-time apartment finder allows users to filter their search by location, price, no-fee rentals and more. Zumper's product Zapp also allows renters to make instant applications to apartments, attaching their paperwork and Experian-powered credit report. -----------------------------------------------------------------------

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