Friday, October 03, 2014

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Warning for all who sell on ebay,similar services or your own business and use Paypal for payments

 Paypal changes...Good for who?

I just got the email from Paypal in regard to their new terms of service.

This is not good if you sell on ebay or other similar sites selling items or if you use the service in your business for selling products,services or cleaning out your closet.Not to mention, collecting accounts receivables or using Paypal for your service related business.

From Paypal:
"• We're increasing the time for buyers to file merchandise disputes (Item Not Received and Significantly Not as Described) from 45 days to 180 days."

I fear selling a camera with 2000 shutter activations and then having a buyer who has tired of the camera or sees a shiny new camera he now wants. He could run the shutter up to the max of 150,000 shutter activations(camera usually needs service at that point or before) and then wanting a refund with the complaint that,'Camera was not as described.'

Stuff like this already happens within a 30 day time period;though not as bad. Someone should know within a few days if 'Something is not as described';NOT 6 months!

Another scenario...Say you go to a beauty salon for a haircut and the salon runs your credit card thru
their portable Paypal reader. Six months later the customer realizes they are almost maxed out on their limit and starts going thru past purchases playing the 'return/refund' game. Salon owner and stylist then lose money they made and spent 6 months prior.
If you get a hair service,you should deal with it with the stylist when you are sitting in the chair and all discussions should be before they pull the scissors out!

This is also bad for businesses and figuring out their taxes.If an item is purchased in the last half of 2014 and the buyer decides the item 'Is not as described' and returns it technically the following year,this makes a mess on your taxes if the amount is  significant and you have to revise the previous year tax return to account for money you refunded and already paid taxes on.

Additionally,if you are like most people,you've already reinvested the money back into your business or paid bills with it. What will you do if the customer wants their money back six months later?

As an alternative, Square is gaining in popularity.Amazon has just jumped into the payment arena  and people are raving about the features,lower fees than Paypal and the excellent customer service that Amazon provides. Google payments has been in business for awhile as well though I do not know anyone that has used them. The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus allow for payments as well. You also have the option of going thru a credit card processing company or bank to accept credit card payments.

Ebay has also stated that Paypal will now be an independent company.

Google,Paypal 180 return and you will see more than 8 million comments so far on this issue.

I think I know which company I will not be using for e-commerce.

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