Friday, November 14, 2014

The Great debate of DSLR vs.Mirrorless bug has hit me

I've been working my way thru my arm/shoulder injury from a trip  over a brick that should not have been on the other side of a door at a public place last year.

After that accident and being xrayed from a faulty machine more than a dozen times in a row,I'm working my back to taking pictures again. Luckily nothing was broken-but I have an impinged shoulder and rotary cuff issue and was in therapy and continue the same exercises at home.
I've also discovered 'Dictation' software to write and have been using it for my next book hopefully out in 2015.

It became too painful to hold my pro Canon camera with pro zoom lens,flash and bracket for long photo shoots and I've been testing new smaller camera systems out ever since.

Why is it the smaller the camera,the bigger the price tag? $1300 $2900? For lenses only?

Some amazing new technology is available and I've noticed that the electronics manufacturers are more innovative than the dinosaur likes of Canon and Nikon.

Canon and Nikon sadly have not been listening to their customers.If they have,they haven't heard the cry of,"this gear is way too heavy." Many of the older generation of photographers have been selling off DSLR equipment after opting for smaller mirrorless cameras and the younger generation is content with cell phone images for fun and smaller systems from micro 4/3 systems to 1 inch sensor cameras like the Sony RX100 MIII for non professional use.

After being away from my pro DSLR equipment for awhile I realized that it's definitely time to migrate to a smaller system.

I've been thru all incarnations of Fuji and thought the XT-1 was 'the one' only to be disappointed by a weird shutter lag at red carpet events. The shutter was not as instant as I though when I noticed someone doing an interview and I kept getting mouth open or closed eye photos.Additionally,the camera was having a hard time locking focus in ambient room light at events and I missed some good shots.I was using the expensive fast prime 1.4 to 2.8 lenses so I really didn't expect that. I never did bring the Fuji on a real client photo shoot. This camera excels in everything else though.

Then I bought into Sony. I went thru a few different A7Rs and one had focus issues.The other was slightly better but this is not much of a people on location camera but a great light landscape camera.

I currently have the A7 but haven't put it thru the paces yet.Chicago suddenly went into the deep freeze too quick this year. I don't have a macro lens or adapter for the Sony so I can't use this for studio set ups yet.

On quick inspection I notice the dynamic range might be a bit better than my Canon and my colors in skies are much better. Meaning at least I am getting skies and not washed out space above the horizon line.

I'm hoping that Sony keeps true to its projection of new pro lenses soon. The selection is not good at this time and I'm not going to buy a $650 adapter and lenses I owned in the 1970s as a work around. I know the photo purists will be screaming 'Buy Leica.'

Sony's lineup so far,not great unless you get the highly touted 55mm for $1200 USD or so.

My  wish for the new year is that camera stores appear out of nowhere.Just like the old days where there were 1 or 2 in every neighborhood and sales staff knew what they were selling.
Never thought I'd say I miss the early Wolf Camera store chain circa 1990.

Well I know an instant retail camera store boom is a pipe dream and probably will not happen.But you'd think with all the space at Best Buy they'd pick up the slack. I believe there is good growth opportunity for a pro market in select markets.

Any Sony A7 users out there?  Drop me an email and tell me what you love about this system!

I'm still not 100% decided if it's 'the one!


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