Wednesday, November 12, 2014

New Video Upload Of Artistic Director at The Chicago Actors Studio

New Video Upload Of Artistic Director at The Chicago Actors Studio

Trailer of Edward Dennis, portraying the lead role of Vietnam vet, and biker, Eric Haynes, suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder This film, based on a true story of one particular soldier, that along with his M16, used, to some degree, his talents as a singer and guitarist to survive the ugliness surrounding him during the war. This story of Eric and his two combat buddies hits home to the very heart of what many vets carried back with them after witnessing and experiencing unspeakable tragities of this horrifying war.The many effects of PTSD; how it impacts and rears up it's ugly head, systematically making it's way through the very fibers of these and other soldiers like them, everyday lives. It addresses issues that are commonly swept under the rug and just how, if not properly treated, productive lives are tragically, systematically destroyed. In this film, fighting much opposition and red tape, Eric and his comrades in arms, pack up their Harleys and make their way back to Nam, only this time the enemy is not someone with a grenade or an AK47. This time the battle is with an, invisible enemy that is much more than anything they have been trained to engage . They visit the many battle sites and engagements they were in, in an attempt to stare back into the face of their demons, struggling to acquire some degree of peace, understanding and finally at a small orphanage outside of Saigon, now known as "Ho Chi Minh City", could come clousure. There is a surprising twist to this story that I will hold back, as not to spoil your enjoyment of thisr story. You will have to see the film to find out just what that is.

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