Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Habits & Behaviors of America's Modern Driver: WAZE

Ever wonder what other drivers get up to in the car? To answer this curious question,  Waze sponsored a survey conducted by Lab42 of a thousand drivers in the United States, which revealed some interesting insights about the habits and behaviors of America’s modern driver:

Creatures of Habit:
If you’re wondering why there is always traffic on your journey, it’s because 63% of drivers take the same route to and from work every day. At Waze, we pride ourselves on ensuring that we can provide you with the fastest route anywhere – so if it is out of your comfort zone, trust us and take it!

Road Rage Reality:
We were surprised to see that nearly one third of people surveyed never experience road rage. We’d like to think they are the ones using Waze!

Managing Road Rage:

For everyone else, they told us that they are most likely to manage their road rage by chilling out with some good tunes (50%).

Singing in the Car:
Speaking of good tunes, hands down, singing was the one activity people do most when they are driving – in traffic or otherwise. Then, there were those less vocal who explained that they go mentally to their “happy place” (22%). Let’s hope they snap back before getting on the freeway!

Making the Most of Traffic Time:
When asked what “strange” or “unusual” things people did in their cars, it was overwhelmingly productive – grooming (45%). After that, it gets a little more personal, with nose picking (26%) and engaging in something sexy (13%) as the next most popular activities.

Split on Selfies:
It was interesting to see almost a complete divide on the percentage of people who don’t take selfies in their cars (48%) and those who do (52%). If you do, please wait until you have reached your destination!