MEN'S FITNESS Magazine debuts obstacle race concept in Sandwich, IL; course evaluators needed

Participants needed for evaluation team to test new concept, extreme obstacles on three timed sprint challenge courses
Date: July 1, 2014

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Sharon Cutler
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 MEN'S FITNESS Magazine recently selected the Sandwich Fairgrounds in Sandwich, Illinois as the site at which it will debut a new concept in obstacle racing called the Ultimate Athlete Games
(UAG). The UAG will be at the Fairgrounds July 19, 2014, and participants are needed to join the evaluation team to review this new concept and obstacles before MEN'S FITNESS takes the race to New York in October. 

Those selected to join the UAG evaluation team will be invited to participate in the Ultimate Athlete Games on July 19th at no cost. Following the race, they will complete a survey that ranks the overall concept, obstacle difficulty and awards strategy.  

To qualify for the evaluation team, participants must exercise on a regular basis and consider themselves to be extremely fit.      

To join the evaluation team, contact 

The UAG features three timed challenge courses that range in length from ¼ to one mile long, each packed with up to 10 obstacles designed to test speed strength and agility.

Participants are challenged to complete all three courses in the shortest time possible. Prizes are awarded for top males, females, and teams. The person with the best combined time on all 3 Challenge Courses will win the title of 'The Ultimate Athlete" and take home $2500 cash and a feature in MEN'S FITNESS magazine.

The event provides a unique departure from the saturated field of run-themed events in the market. There is no mud or electricity, no colored dyes or zombies. Instead, this event stands apart from the current crop of events and sets the bar and defines what it means to be 'fit.'

Participants wishing to evaluate the concept and obstacles in exchange for free entry may contact 

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