Saturday, July 12, 2014 , 2-5 pm
3 NDEs; One of the most stunning NDE stories ever.....don't miss it!!
In his lectures and tours, Dannion Brinkley imparts a paramount message designed to empower his listeners, teaching them step by step how to find purpose, power and greatness in their lives. He has been praised as “the best orator in the field” by many of his compeers on the lecture circuit.
Brinkley’s works, Saved By The LightAt Peace In The Light, and The Secrets of the Light, have sold millions worldwide, garnering international acclaim in addition to being a New York Times best sellers. His books, tours and workshops have literally transformed the consciousness of audiences on a global capacity.
Dannion has had three near-death experiences and has survived insurmountable odds including two lightning strikes, open-heart surgery, brain surgery and a massive grand mal seizure. Many concur that Mr. Brinkley is a “walking miracle.”
Brinkley is one of the early crusaders of hospice and palliative care bringing the topic of end of life care to the forefront of discussion and education in America. Dannion created a non-profit organization, The Twilight Brigade (Compassion in action) to recruit hospice volunteers for dying Veterans. He has been a hospice volunteer for over twenty-four years, having personally accrued more than 10,000 hours at the bedside. These years of tremendous hands-on experience qualify him as a leading expert in the grief and bereavement process as well as being an authority in the field of necrophobic reduction.
Dannion has received numerous awards and has appeared on every major national television and radio show, including Larry King, Oprah, Dateline, Unsolved Mysteries, Art Bell, The Pax Network, and many others. A made for television movie based on Dannion’s best seller, Saved By The Light, debuted as one of the highest rated television movies in FOX Television Network history. This exceptional movie starring Eric Roberts is currently airing on a regular basis on the Lifetime Network.
When not on tour, Dannion enjoys his time spent at home with his wife, Kathryn, and their six children. Life with his twin soul, five girls and one boy afford him the luxury of witnessing the transformational transactions of true love and spirituality in action.
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The Church of the Spirit

2651 N. Central Park, (Logan Square area):


Sunday Church service starts at 10:30 am (Optional Meditation begins at 10 am)....all are welcome. Intuitive messages are given to all people in attendance.  

The first Wednesday night of every month, at 7 pm, is an "All Message"  Service....nothing but intuitive messages (free) given to everyone in attendance.  THE NEXT ONE IS WEDNESDAY EVENING, August 6!!  

Sunday, July 13, DANNION BRINKLEY will be the speaker at this church.....come by and say "hi". Service starts at 10:30 am.   :  )



CHICAGO INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR NEAR-DEATH STUDIES (IANDS) support and study group meets second Saturdays,  2-5 p.m.  Near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, losses, research.  All are welcome.  Suggested Donation - $20.  No one is turned away.  For more info:  847.251.5758 or  

Location:  Frank Auditorium in Evanston Hospital, 2650 Ridge Ave. (& Central), Evanston.

Directions:  From the Kennedy Exprswy:  Take Eden’s Expressway to Old Orchard Rd.  Go east to Gross Point Rd.  Turn Left.  Go one block to Central Street.  Turn right and stay on Central about a mile, crossing over Green Bay Rd, until you get to Evanston Hospital, which will be on your left.  Turn left immediately after you go under the “L” overpass.  Then turn right into the parking garage (free). 

From Sheridan Rd.:  Follow Sheridan north along the Lake until you reach Central St.  Turn left (W).  Ridge Ave will be the first stoplight.   Continue one block further to the “L” overpass.  Turn right immediately before going under the overpass, then turn right into the parking garage (free).   

On the “L”:   Take the purple line into Evanston.   Get off at Central St.

Diane Willis
Facilitator, Chicago IANDS/iSee

"One cannot be happy until one is practicing his purpose for being here.  If you are not happy, examine your life and see if you are doing what you came here to do."  ~Rev. Marrice Coverson