Tuesday, June 24, 2014

World's First Luxury Travel Trailer hits the road with vintage traveling salesman approach

makers of the worlds first luxury travel trailer hit the road this summer with an old-fashioned traveling salesman approach
 The year was 1934. Roosevelt was President, Mickey Rooney and Clark Gable ruled the silver screen and gasoline cost just .10 per gallon. 1934 also saw the turning point of the great depression and even though the economic climate still seemed hopeless to some, more and more people turned to just about anything that could promise them a better life. For famed Spirit of St. Louis designer, William Hawley Bowlus, the quest for a better life led him to design and manufacture the first all-aluminum riveted travel trailer, which reflected the hopeful, futuristic style and use of “space age” technology that promoted a feeling of a boundless future. Hawley built over 80 trailers during these tough economic times and provided a much needed sense of hope and an endless feeling of exploration and adventure to Americans who were longing for some inspiration.
More than 80 years later, Hawley Bowlus and his Bowlus Road Chief continue to instill that same sense of exploration and adventure as Americans once again yearn for something to believe in. Just last year, a like-minded design visionary by the name of John Long set out on his own quest to revitalize the Bowlus vision that had laid dormant for the better part of a century. Alongside his family, John Long and a carefully assembled team of artisans embarked on the second leg of the Bowlus journey by seamlessly integrating advanced technology and the best enhancements in the intervening 80 years since the Bowlus Road Chief first inspired the world to embrace a better life.
This spring, John Long and his family will breathe new life into yet another 1930’s relic… the traveling salesman. The world’s first luxury travel trailer will hit the road next month with an itinerary that includes home visits for prospective buyers, because as John’s wife Helena explains, “There’s no one on earth as passionate about the design, style, efficiency and advanced tech features of this trailer than we are. Meeting with our customer’s face to face gives us the unique opportunity to gain a full appreciation of their families, lifestyles and travel needs. The Bowlus Road Chief was originally conceptualized during a simpler time where service and relationships were paramount so it just made sense for us to take an old-time, personal approach to the sales process”.
In 1934, the traveling salesman was still a common sight, even physician’s house calls made up about 40 percent of patient encounters in the United States so perhaps John Long’s sales approach will be a much needed reprieve from the inconvenient, impersonal and high pressure environment of a typical dealership. In case you’re not on “the list” of lucky prospects, John and Helena will be making their way to RV shows, automotive events and relevant functions throughout their summer tour to sit for a spell and talk aerodynamics (John might just talk your ear off though!).
Walk through the Bowlus… http://www.bowlusroadchief.com/specs/

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