Thursday, June 26, 2014

Garden Apothecary: Luxurious Beauty and Spa Products for Personal Relaxation

Check out these amazing products from Garden Apothecary designed to relax and renew you from the inside out!  

Garden Apothecary offers organic and handmade products for the most indulgent body care regiment.  See their website
to see more about what they have to offer! 
Founder, Jennifer Lee Segale, has a back ground in professional botany.  She started farming on the California coast in 1999 and started a landscape design company based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  In addition to her company Garden Apothecary, she does plant research for her product line in Central America.  Jennifer’s plant research mostly focuses on healing botanicals that are incorporated into the product line.
 Rose Leaf Bath Tea - rose hips oils, pink rose powder, petals and Epsom salts are perfect for an indulgent hot soak. Packaged in a lovely recycled glass bottle and top; after use the bottle can be used to hold precious items or used as a decorative vase!
Citrus Peel Bath Tea: the organic tangerine, bitter orange peel and lemon scent is subtle and great for the skin and hydrating.  A perfect gift for the fitness loving girl. Epsom salts are great to soak in after tiring out muscles.

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