Wednesday, February 12, 2014

World's First Luxury Travel Trailer promises New Year Resolution Redemption!

go ahead and change your scenery, statistics show the rest of new years resolutions have already been blown to hell
 With a nearly 95% fail rate already, even the best intentioned New Years resolutions seem doomed to fail this year so if you’re still planning on making some changes, you might as well create a change of scenery and head straight out of town to check out the open road in an ultra-hip Bowlus Road Chief travel trailer. Coincidentally, a little resolution redemption may still be in your future yet as two of the goals from the 2014 top ten list included enjoying life to the fullest and spending more time with family!
Now, about that ultra-hip travel trailer you’ve heard tell about… It was just last year that design visionary John Long re-launched the Bowlus Road Chief – the American travel trailer that started it all more than 80 years ago. It’s been dubbed the World’s First Luxury Travel Trailer for a reason, The Bowlus Road Chief takes “glamping” to a whole new level and has provided a classic American travel trailer for modern adventurers that looks like rolling art.
More than just an aerodynamic sleek exterior, the Bowlus Road Chief is jam packed with ingenious function and tech-savvy features. The Road Chief’s streamline design might be a tribute to yesteryear, but its technology is as advanced as anything out there. Not only an opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest, but an escape in the Bowlus Road Chief might also be exactly what you’re craving to boost your productivity. Wireless antennas and power points are cleverly hidden yet easily accessible; as is everything else you need for both work and play. It’s just the thing to indulge your wanderlust, stoke your imagination and unleash the power of your creativity.
As for spending more quality time with the fam? Well they’re right about the family that plays together! The Bowlus has a unique front door design that easily loads big gear like paddleboards, surfboards, kayaks or bicycles, and the cleverly integrated lash points make it a simple matter to secure them for your journey. When the weekend wraps up and it’s time to take a break from your adventures, the Road Chief stores conveniently in a conventional garage, weighing in at just under 2000 pounds it’s effortless to park!
The Bowlus Road Chief boasts an interior that is as warm as it is clever. The Zen-like stateroom’s beds easily reconfigures from “twins” to almost a “king.” Other highlights include an efficient cook’s kitchen, and an expandable full bathroom complete with shower so there is plenty of room for the people, possessions and pets in your life that you’d like to hit the open road with this spring.
Walk through the Bowlus…

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