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  A Healthy, All-Natural Instant Beverage
Spicewater is the perfect blend of ginger, mint and cinnamon creating a refreshing and energizing beverage you can drink all day long! Avoid sugars, artificial sweeteners and calories, enjoy our Gimicina flavor instead. It’s a breakthrough in instant refreshment that tastes like nothing else. Light, juicy and thirst quenching, with a natural boost of antioxidants to energize. Gimicina Spicewater is healthy hydrating happiness! Learn More Here

Flavorful, Energizing and Healthy
Gimicina is a refreshingly smooth blend of ginger, mint and cinnamon, and it acts as an all-natural energizer free of sugars, artificial sweeteners
and calories.

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Article: Health Benefits of Spicewater
On their own, the ingredients in Spicewater have been long associated with a host of health benefits. And as an all-natural drink, supplementing sugar and caffeine-filled drinks with Spicewater can help with weight loss. Here's a healthy drink recipe you can try now.

Weight Loss:
Spicewater promotes weight loss and good health when you drink it in place of sweet, caffeinated beverages.

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I've lost nearly 13 pounds since January. I drink Spicewater instead of my usual two or three sodas a day. It gives me a great energy boost and is an easy way to stay hydrated all day!


avator Amanda

No scientific health data yet but Lezzet Spicewater in my morning cup of cocoa certainly tastes good and makes for a cheery start to the day!


avator Ryan

Gimicina is great in water and my favorite drink is mixing it in unflavored almond milk. However, when I need some caffeine spiced coffee tastes great too! It is very versatile!


avator Kari
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